Highly acclaimed second EP from Adelaide melodic rock quartet The Open Season. For fans of Gyroscope and After The Fall.
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THE OPEN SEASON – Before We Start
With their second disc, the five-track EP ‘Before We Start’, The Open Season again prove themselves to be worthy of more than local status, as they continue on their merry way producing music that stands out from the ever-burgeoning punk/hardcore scene as easily some of the best rock Adelaide has to offer. It is by no means earth-shattering; it’s not even that much of a step up from their first disc, 2005’s ‘Chase’. It does, however, bear all the hallmarks of a band ready to jump onto the national stage. The Open Season have shrugged off the emo cliches that plagued some of ‘Chase’, and without those paltry screams they sound even more confident. ‘Before We Start’ neatly reflects more recent trends in Australian rock – Gyroscope, After The Fall, et al – and is pulled off with a well-versed maturity. The songs aren’t as catchy as before – there’s nothing anywhere near as exhilarating as Never Forget here – but they’re tighter, more assured. Blinded By Tradition is pretty typical fare, but doesn’t wander as Never Forget did in its last coda; The Sun From Both Sides nicely plays with dynamics to brilliant effect; What Is Real’s piano outro is genius; and closer Jimmy Hats is one of the best songs the band has penned, structurally interesting and driven by an uplifting gang vocal. The Open Season blend riveting guitar lines, forceful dynamics and straight-up honesty into a cohesive whole, with singer Steve McGrath’s unashamedly Australian accent shining through on every track, which only goes further towards putting an A-Town stamp of pride across the band’s work. Onwards and upwards, I say, onwards and upwards!
Matt Vesely

PEE Zine #40
THE OPEN SEASON – Before We Start
After its debut EP “Chase”, Adelaide’s The Open Season has finally returned with “Before We Start”. It’s a shame there are only five songs on this offering, especially since The Open Season has refined its sound brilliantly on this disc, showing the maturity of a band that has got a few more years under its belt. Opening track “Blinded By Tradition” is a great rock song, rivaling latest offerings from Gyroscope, Kisschasy and After The Fall, while “What Is Real?” is an absolute corker of an energetic rock song with a Matchbook Romance vibe. All in all, The Open Season has delivered five great tracks the quartet can definitely be proud of. I look forward to a shitload of shows and a full-length release.

PEE Zine #40
THE OPEN SEASON – Before We Start
After hearing this bands debut release ‘Chase’ in 95’, I stated that one of the best things about that release was the simple fact that it was the bands first… meaning many more great releases from The Open Season to come. ‘Before We Start’ is The Open Season’s second EP and certainly upholds my initial prediction of this Adelaide 4-piece. What seemed like an eternity between this here release and the last, The Open Season have simply put together an EP featuring 5 possible chart topping punk rock anthems. Not one track is disappointing and it appears as though this young band have found their footing and have established a distinct, notable and mature sound between releases. Once again, the inspiring Aussie accent of vocalist Steve McGrath is compelling and just one of many great traits this band displays, not succumbing to the wrath of US influences as many Aussie bands do. Track 1 ‘Blinded By Tradition’ is by no means the most gripping track on the CD, though for those of you, like me, overwhelmed and extremely impressed by the bands debut, ‘Blinded By Tradition’ is the perfect introduction to the bands subtle change in sound and style. Track 2 ‘Don’t Believe In Goodbyes’ is an emotionally driven powerful anthem that could easily be compared to the likes of Kiss Chasy, Gyroscope, After The Fall and others alike. This track along with the remaining three could easily top the local charts if given the well-deserved and entitled opportunity. Although some may find the tempo of ‘Before We Start’ a tad mundane in comparison to The Open Season’s previous release, it is more than obvious that these guys have a knack for writing and compiling some of the catchiest emotionally driven anthems most bands of this genre could only dream of producing. Track 4 ‘ What Is Real’ is again evidence of the previously mentioned depiction. ‘Before We Start’ is one of the best local releases this year by far. The bands 2005 EP ‘Chase’ was voted as one of Triple J’s Short Fast Loud top 40 release in that year and I don’t doubt for a minute that this new gem will excel the status set two years ago.

The Dwarf
THE OPEN SEASON – Before We Start
Adelaide group The Open Season have released their sophomore EP, ‘Before we start’ following the success of their debut album ‘Chase.’ ‘Before we start’ is a rollicking, distinctly Australian punk EP, crammed with punk riffs and punk-standard lyrical topics of struggling reality, fighting, disillusionment and generational angst. Self described as ‘patriotic punk’ – but fear not hippies, that doesn’t mean Young Liberal lyrics – The Open Season have really struck a chord of Australian punk fans, in particular in their home town of Adelaide. ‘Before we start’ is, however, a bit of a mixed bag, as if The Open Season haven’t quite settled on their sound yet, but all of the songs are solid, if not exactly creating a punk harmony for the EP. The first track, ‘blinded by tradition’ is a blistering Australian punk rock ballad, very much in the vein of fellow Australian punk groups ‘After the fall’ and ‘Gyroscope’, both bands which they have supported over the past couple of years. The second track, ‘Don’t believe in Goodbyes,’ is a lighter affair, more ‘Kisschasy’ than heavier punk, although some of the reliable power chord riffs towards the tail of the song picks up the intensity of the track. The third and fourth tracks, ‘The Sun from both sides’ and ‘What is real?’ are both distinctly New Found Glory-esque and there is a real chance that ‘What is real?’ could pick up wide-spread radio air time. The final track, ‘Jimmy Hats’ is different again, a more layered, experimental track, laying off the power chords a little to show some of the genuine musical and lyrical talent of The Open Season. All in all, a solid second EP which could prove to lead to big things for The Open Season.

THE OPEN SEASON – Before We Start
This band is to punk what After The Fall is to rock.
At least that’s what I thought after listening to the first song, “Blinded By Tradition”, a softer, slower, heartfelt take on the melodic punk rock. Also, the seeming similarity to bands like Gyroscope must be mentioned. So if you know those bands, and those of that style, then you’ll know what you’ve got here, and you’ll probably love it. The band are by no means new to the music scene is this country, releasing their debut EP in 2005 (Chase), which voted well in Triple J’s Short Fast Loud Top 40 for 2005. This follow up EP features five songs that all seem to have that reluctant anthemic quality to them. Also, its a little difficult to tell where the reluctance lies too, as I’ve always felt a little bit of contempt for the anthem styled song. It often tears me because, I can enjoy them (like The Final Countdown), but sometimes it can feel cheesy and weak (like The Final Countdown). However, that doesn’t really happen with these songs. What you get instead is a pack of songs that give you that feeling in your chest, that sort of empowering feeling. Which leads us (more importantly you, dear reader, as I knew from the get go) to the fact that the lyrics on this EP (and having not heard Chase, I am unaware if this is The Open Season’s style, or simply the state of mind when writing this EP) all seem to sound – for lack of a better description – downcast. I’ve read discussion of the band about the internet, and numerous sources claim they are a bit of a patriotic band. Now, perhaps I’ve got it wrong, but “Don’t Blame Me, I’m Blinded Tradition, It’s All We Are” from the song mentioned earlier, sounds actually, anti-patriotism. But maybe it’s simply interpretation. Before We Start, is an honest, emotionally charged, fantastic group of songs that take a soft rock sound, cross it with the pace of melodic punk, and fire it out there. Powerful listening. Wasn’t just saying to make some kind of comparison, After the Fall and Gyroscope fans, get into it.
by Ringo – Rating: 92%

13 June 2007

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CAT #: PCD018
Recorded at: Broadcast & Third Avenue Studios
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by: Darren Thompson

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