The new Limited Edition 7″ EP “Woof” from our Danish indie skatepunks FOREVER UNCLEAN was recorded live at Dead Rat Studio produced by Jacob Bredahl. The guys are super stoked with the end product and are ready to explore known and new territories with this release that delivers more fast gritty abrasive pop punk for fans of The Flatliners, Stars Burn Stripes, Gnarwolves, The Arteries.
250 x Frosted Clear Vinyl

Bloggin Rotten
Copenhagen, Denmark ‘Forever Unclean’ have released yet another punk rock masterpiece with ‘Woof’ ‘Forever Unclean’ sounds like ‘Chris Conley’ joined ‘The Flatliners’ and discovered a unhealthy addiction to crack. I’ve probably listened to ‘Woof’ 20 times now and still get the same tingle up my spine, I got on my first listen. Welcome to the church of ‘Woof’ please remove your shoes and your still beating heart at the door; now fill that oozing puss filled hole with the truly awesome heartfelt lyrics that ‘Forever Unclean shout and scream at you. Let ‘Forever Unclean’ Cleanse you of your sins and shower you in their god like musical awesomeness. Can I get a helllllllls yeah!!!!! 9/10

Kraykulla Webzine [Croatia]
Forever Unclean is a punkrock band from Copenhagen, Denmark and they just released their new record on Pee Records, so it was about time to spin it a couple of times, listen and do a review for this webzine. This trio plays melodic punkrock with indie and skatepunk influences. This record contains 5 songs and they all have one word in the title of the song. If I should compare the music to someone it would be The Flatliners or The Menzingers but with some noisy touches, at least I heard´em in “Weird”. For me, the best song on the album is “Words” with a nice melody made for sing along parts. Also, my favorite is “Woof”, the title song, being just somehow very catchy and melodic and I loved it. I don´t have the lyric sheet, so I can only hear the lyrics while listening to the record and as I can hear, the lyrics are based on personal themes. There is a lot of emotion behind this band´s music and I love their record for that. It was rather short, but sweet. I can´t wait for full length material. Great band that shows the beauty and adversity of European underground punkrock and hardcore scene. 7.5/10

08 June 2018

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CAT #: PV019
Recorded Live at: Dead Rat Studio
Produced by: Jacob Bredahl

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