Debut album from Melbourne punk quintet Remain Opposed, delivers 13 fast chanting melodic punk / hardcore songs for fans of Rise Against, Pennywise and Comeback Kid.
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ISSUE zine #46 [UK]
REMAIN OPPOSED – Time Waits For No One
First of a new batch of hardcore from the other side of the world. I see the Pee Record label as being a mark of quality, which holds true for Remain Opposed. It is fast, aggressive stuff delivered with a real sense of passion, urgency and restrained rage. This sounds like a band who would be pretty awesome live, with a packed throng going bonkers. Has a resonance with one of my all time fave bands Thought Riot. The album contains over a dozen tracks, with plenty of variety and plenty of hooks, just right for any self-respecting hxc fan.

Decoy Music [USA]
REMAIN OPPOSED – Time Waits For No One
Imagine what would happen if you transported pre-Smash era The Offspring into 2009, set them down in Australia, and asked them to write an album. It might not sound exactly like Time Waits For No One, but you’d definitely be able to hear some similarities. As I’ve mentioned in past Mailbox articles, it seems like Australia is having a punk and hardcore renaissance, and Remain Opposed are providing that mid-90’s hardcore punk sound for today’s audience. Let the nostalgia roll in.
Review by: Rick Gebhardt [UK]
REMAIN OPPOSED – Time Waits For No One
Debut album from the hard edged Australian punk rockers. Most modern day punk/hardcore Australian bands will have Pee Records to thank for giving them the break they possibly may not have been so lucky to get elsewhere. The underground label/zine/mail order kings continuously reach into this genre to give the inhabitants a leg-up onto something a little more extended than the sometimes unrewarding slog of the local gig circuit where bands can find themselves marooned upon forever. Melbourne band Remain Opposed were benefactors in 2007 releasing debut EP “In The Shadows We Dance” and have continued to coast on the slipstream well enough to reach this point and their first full length album. It’s honest punk rock with gutsy metal for roughage. The music may not flow through the nihilism capillary this particular crossover genre usually picks up its aesthetic from but it has definitely stayed within its guidelines at every other point at it’s really alright and not some barrage of vindictive noise that has absolutely no sense of direction or purpose except to be loud, intense and excruciatingly vile. Remain Opposed are probably going to do ok with this album and that’s no less than they deserve.
Rating: 3/5 – Review by: Alan Baillie

BLUNT Issue #86
REMAIN OPPOSED – Time Waits For No One
Melbourne punk outfit Remain Opposed are no strangers to the local scene, having previously released an EP through respected Adelaide label Pee Records, so it’s no surprise that their debut full-length, Time Waits For No One, is a highly competent, if somewhat predictable affair. Drawing from the nineties punk template (see Fat Wreck and Epitaph’s respective discographies) that is seeing something of a revival thanks to the increased popularity of acts like The Swellers and A Wilhelm Screamm, Remain Opposed deliver their rapid fire numbers with plenty of gusto and enthusiasm – all of which has been successfully commited to disc thanks to another stellar recording job courtesy of the folk at Complex Studios (The Red Shore, 50 Lions). If you’re after a bit of variety then you’d best look elsewhere, but if your listening tastes are comfortable within the well-defined parameters of contemporary punk then you’ll get a kick out of this.
Rating: 6/10 – Review by: Timothy Hawthorne

09 Oct 2009

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CAT #: PCD030
Instruments Recorded @ Complex Studios
Vocals Recorded @ Sing Sing Studios
Mixed & Mastered @ Sing Sing Studios
Artwork by: Pete Pee

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