Melbourne metal influenced hardcore quintet Another Way’s highly acclaimed “Ridicule” EP was the 2004 follow up to their 2002 self tilted EP. “Forceful, driven guitars and bass, powerful vocals, experimental drumming – this EP takes you from screaming hardcore to militaristic melody in a matter of seconds”.
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Track List:
1. Disclaimer
2. 100 Years
3. The Difference
4. Intermission
5. Liberty
6. Evident
7. Plateau
8. Wastelands

Give Blood – Issue #1
ANOTHER WAY – Ridicule
Well, I have to say, before I got this CD from Pee Records, I’d never even heard of Another Way. So here I was, looking at a CD by a band I didn’t even know existed. I threw it in my CD player not knowing what to expect and what I got I was pretty damn impressed with: angry hardcore vocals (maybe similar to Outbreak) mixed in with very occasional singing, generally melodic old school hardcore riffing (a lot of melodies mixed in with heavier riffs) and some decently paced songs. Another Way are a Melbourne band that first formed in the year 2000. It seems they released a self titled EP back in 2002 and now this is their latest release, I don’t know what is happening with the band these days but as this EP came out in 2004 and I know they’ve played some shows recently I’d say they’ll have new material out soon. As you’ve probably gathered from my intro, Another Way are a hardcore band. They play old school type hardcore but it’s not build for the ‘pit like a lot of modern old school bands seem to be, there’d be a few circle pit sections and a couple on breakdowns on this whole EP, not much for 5 full tracks (it’s an 8 track EP, but there’s a short intro and 2 short instrumentals). The songs are pretty much carried along by melodic riffing mixed in with some heavier riffs backed up by normal hardcore snare beats with Kieran’s angry vocals topping it all of. I really like that this band seems to know how to exercise restraint, they’ve included the clichés of modern hardcore on the record (singing sections and breakdowns) but both are used sparingly allowing them to add to the quality of the EP instead of dragging it down by being repetitive or boring. The lyrics are also pretty damn good, a lot to do with non-conformity and other similar topics (including a song about how TV and celebrities are controlling our lives – complete with talk of the TV week and Big Brother). Lastly, the recording is pretty good too, everything is clear and easy too understand while still being far from polished or overproduced. If you’re a fan of melodic hardcore you should dig this EP. Definitely something I dig/would recommend to other people after some good Aussie HC.

BLUNT Magazine – Issue #34
ANOTHER WAY – Ridicule
Having established themselves on the Melbourne punk and hardcore scene through several years of solid live performance, Another Way finally have the product to take them to the world. Though they’ve had releases prior to this – their self titled EP and before that the split with the now defunct Threechainbreak – nothing can prepare you for where Another Way are at with Ridicule. Having absorbed more of a metal influence, they’ve taken a much more ambitious approach to the writing of each of the 8 brutal tracks on offer. Production wise, they’ve spent their lo budget beautifully, with vocal distortion merely adding to the utter intensity of the occasion.
Review by: JW Rating: 8 / 10 = Excellent

Screaming Bloody Mess
ANOTHER WAY – Ridicule
If you buy even one hardcore record this year, make it “Ridicule” by Another Way. It’s been a while since I’ve heard music which has so energized me. Released by South Australian label Pee Records, it contains 5 tracks of mostly fast, melodic metal-tinged hardcore (along with an introductionand a couple of interludes). When I say melodic and metal-tinged I don’t mean it sounds like pop punk or has chug breakdowns – I mean melodic and metal-tinged as in fast, precise dual-guitar melodies and harmonies that stick in your head and make you want to air guitar. The ep begins with a sample of a man saying “The attack is psychological… powerful. So don’t listen. Remember that – do not listen.”, which leads directly into the first song, “100 Years”. Here we come to another thing about this CD I like – they actually sing about something other than breakups/blood/slitting wrists/suicide etc. – seemingly a rarity for “hardcore” bands these days. “100 Years” seems to have a vaguely anti-imperialist message, which is interestingly reflected in the use of militaristic marching-band sounding rhythms in one section of the song. The second song, “The Difference”, picks up the pace a little, before we have a short, dissonant interlude and then go straight into “Liberty”, which starts with possibly the best riff I’ve heard in the past few months. The lyrics of this song appear to be a lament about the reduction of free speech and thought in the wake of The War On Terrorism(tm). The last two tracks, “Evident” and “Wastelands” get quicker still, and I would say are the standout tracks if the earlier ones weren’t so good. At times the vocals take on the extremely desperate high-pitched screamy sound of some of the more recent Converge stuff, but generally they are a lot deeper and it adds just that much extra energy and feeling when they do go that bit higher. I really can’t say enough good things about this record. Another Way are a band that are often overlooked by Melbourne’s various scenes – not cool enough for either the mosh metal or DIY punk scenes, but in different ways – , but hopefully enough people will pick this CD up and be as floored by it as I am – it would certainly be a crime to have an absolute gem like this go by under the radar. Review by: Pete

Inside Metal
ANOTHER WAY – Ridicule
The anticipation (for me) was huge around this release, this band being from Melbourne where I currently reside, I couldn’t wait to hear what this 8 track EP would bring. And this release is all I expected plus more. I didn’t expect this band to bring out a fresh and original-sounding release, in many ways Another Way have risen the bar in Australian hardcore. Playing fast hardcore with tiny traces of punk, huge lead guitars some pretty big breakdowns and plenty of melody to compliment the brutality, Another Way are ready to take over the country with this release, they definitely have the music potion to do it with. Their lyrics are meaningful and insightful which makes the listener actually want to read and think about the words, even having a song about reality television (Wastelands) that shoots off at Big Brother. If you want to keep up to date with Australian heavy music get this CD. IN SUMMARY: Another highly original release from Pee Records!
Sam. 8½ / 10

22 Sept 2004

CAT #: PCD003
Recorded at: Hothouse, St Kilda 2004
Recorded & Mixed by: Craig Harnath & Fin Keane
Artwork by: Chris Bloom

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