A Limited Edition hardcore split EP featuring our own Driven Fear with Singapore quintet Mouthful of Air. The clear vinyl 7″ features 2 exclusive tracks from each band and is limited to 150 hand numbered copies! [100 brown covers / 50 blue covers – pictured]
150 x Transparent Vinyl : SOLD OUT

Split releases are good for two reasons. The first being that they contain new music of at least one band you may like and the second is that after listening to the whole release you may have found a new band to love. One of Brisbane’s favourite hardcore bands Driven Fear have teamed up with Mouthful Of Air from Singapore to release a very Limited Edition 7” clear vinyl, hand numbered EP, titled ‘Pale Fate’ out on Pee Records. This Limited Edition EP contains two new songs from both thrashing bands. First is the two from Driven Fear. ‘Doubt’ and ‘March 29th’ is exactly what people have learnt to expect from these guys. ‘March 29th’ being right up there with the best they have thankfully unleashed on Australian hardcore fans. If you like your hardcore fast, with purpose and full of emotion than Driven Fear is the band of your dreams. This band just keeps getting better. Then the next two songs to end the EP are from a hardcore band from far away Singapore, called Mouthful Of Air. Both of these bands compliment each other perfectly. The title track ‘Pale Fate’ and ‘Whistles’ are songs from a band that know what they are doing and love what they are doing. March 29th is a theme throughout this EP, so as a little extra bonus to an already memorable Split EP, fans can figure out what these songs are really about.
So when those of us that are currently pissing in the fountain of youth, get ejected from that reality and smashed face first into the hard pavement of old age, our most prized possessions will be these pieces of real music history. So go and purchase something worth keeping for once. Rating: 9/10

Fans of hardcore rejoice, because South Australian record label Pee Records has just unleashed their latest 7 inch on the world. Featuring both Brisbane stalwarts Driven Fear and Singaporean locals Mouthful Of Air, this latest split EP is a release that is sure to get the heart racing and the fists pumping. Showcasing four songs (two from each band) that run for a total of twelve minutes, Pale Fate is a brisk yet exhilarating statement of intent from both of these up and coming groups. Opening proceedings is Driven Fear’s punishing “Doubt”, a rapid-fire slice of hardcore fury that demonstrates exactly the sort of music the band has made a name for itself with. While the track starts out at about a hundred miles an hour, it really only comes into its own when it hits the half time breakdown; the tight rhythm work from both the bass and drums synchronise perfectly with the spacious guitar work on offer. However, it is the group’s second offering “March 29th” that ultimately proves to be the highlight of Pale Fate. The track is particularly memorable for lead singer Tim’s vocals, which prove that the fledgling frontman is capable of producing discernable melody as well as hardcore bark when necessary. Ending with a clean and subtle outro, the song could very well be the best the group has ever written. Contributing the title track to the EP, Mouthful Of Air’s “Pale Fate” is a no-nonsense hardcore track which is intense from start to finish. Unfortunately however, this proves to ultimately be its downfall; long time fans may find the song’s lack of dynamics to be an endearing trait, but for the average listener it is likely to prove to be more of an annoyance. Luckily, things pick up again with the group’s second contribution, “Whistles”. Featuring a slower overall tempo, thick and punctuating gang vocals and several slower sections bereft of guitar, the variation expressed within the track shows a different (although no less passionate) side to Mouthful Of Air which is unfortunately often lacking within many modern hardcore bands. For those who love hardcore, Pale Fate will surely prove itself to be an essential listen. Featuring a collection of songs that are all entertaining in their own respects, it is a release which once again reiterates Pee Records as one of Australia’s best independent labels. Review by: Matthew Woodward

26 Oct 2010

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CAT #: PV002
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by:
Aidan Barton @ Sovereign Studios
Artwork by: Scott Mellor

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