Join The Decline on a mystical journey of boredom and fatigue on their latest album; Magical Misery Tour – a new compilation album featuring all the stand alone singles recorded during the pandemic. The album also contains fan favourites from past 7-inches, splits and compilations like Fast Food and Year Of The Crow. It even features the highly controversial I Never Cared About Christmas which includes lyrics stolen by Nerdlinger (allegedly) and a new single; Hillsong Of The Damned featuring guest vocals by Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb. Magical Misery Tour is available on Magical and Misery coloured vinyl and Digisleeve CD.
150 x Digipak CDs
262 x Orange Galaxy Vinyl
272 x Pink/Purple Marble w/ White Splatter

Kraykulla Webzine
The Decline are from Australia and they were already featured on the pages of this webzine, This is their brand new album I am listening, courtesy of Pee Records. In fact this is the new full length album, but it is kind of compilation. Why? Because this beauty features 17 songs and on it you can find all the singles recorded during the pandemic and lockdown, It also contains fan favorites from seven inch singles, and also material from splits and compilations plus new single excellent ‘Hillsong Of The Damned’.
Anyone who listened to The Decline know what can expect, that is awesome melodic punk done in old school nineties style without much philosophy but with superb conviction, excellent melodies and harmonies, fast skate punk rock but also mid tempo gentle punk rock anthems. Vocals are story for themselves. They are sooo sweet and so perfect that I am jealous of this band that I never had a band in which I could sing so beautiful. Backing vocal harmonies are also superb plus guitar hooks, catchy riffs, harsh where they need to be, melodic where they need to be, meaning all the time. My personal favorites are ‘Kenneth’, ‘Hillsong Of The Damned’, ‘Year Of The Crow’, ‘Fast Food’ and ‘The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp’ sounding awesome like Teenage Bottlerocket. Fast songs with lots of irony and humor cleverly mix with more emotional punk rock anthems. This band reminds me a lot of one of my favorite bands being No Use For A Name with song structures and way they play their music, there is a NUFAN cover on this record too! So, if you are into great melodic punk rock check out this band and have fun like I did!

25 August 2023

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CAT #: PCD086 / PV038

All songs produced, mixed and engineered by Brody Simpson & Mark McEwen at Underground Studios apart from Writing The Same Song Over & Over Again which was produced, mixed and engineered by Daniel Antix at Defwolf Studios, and Life Of The Party and Start Again/New Again which were produced, mixed and engineered by Adam Round & Sam Allen at Electric City Studios.
This LP was mastered by Daniel Antix at Defwolf Studios.
Cover Art by: Lauren Dixon at Yellow Digital
Layout and design by: Pete Pee
Photo by: Bert Fascher
All music by The Decline

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