The outstanding debut release from Melbourne’s The Scissor File serves up melodic rock with a punk edge and a genuine Aussie sound. For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Unwritten Law, Funeral For A Friend.
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Track List:
1. Reason To Run
2. The Art Of Letting Go
3. Hold Still
5. Save Me (KMOH)
6. Cheap Shots

The Dwarf Webzine
THE SCISSOR FILE – From A Whisper To A Scream
Ever had that feeling you’re going through a really rough stage in your life. Like nothing is helping you get through it. Then you find a CD that makes everything seem irrelevant. Like there is nothing to worry about, and to quote Anthony Kiedis, ‘music is your aeroplane’. Well, enter The Scissor File. Back in school, it was New Found Glory that got me through the breakups and all that business. This time, it was a four piece from Bayside, Victoria that got me rocking, and thinking, shit, life is pretty good after all. The Scissor File are tight. Never mind that. Having never heard of them before picking up From a Whisper to a Scream I immediately began to think how sweet these guys will be live. Dan’s vocals set the songs on fire, and draw meaning from whatever their inspiration may be. Cheap Shots resonated strong in my head for the first week of owning the album, for obvious reasons. After I had played that about fifty thousand times, I actually took the time to listen to the opening track, Reason to Run. Quite unusual, listening to the first song last. The likeness to their influences, namely Taking Back Sunday, Unwritten Law and Saosin was clearly imminent, although don’t be fooled, T.S.F isn’t a band that follows their idols on a leash. With so many Aussie bands going around at the moment fitting into the same genre, one may say, how will The Scissor File survive. Well, if every one of you gets up and gets into some quality local alternative music…with an honest message and a great sing along capability, then I am sure The Scissor File will be making music for years to come. In all, the Scissor File are fresh. Very fresh. And still raw, which makes them such a great band to get into. All of Australia should look to catch a gig in their capital city when they next go on tour.
Review by: Courtney Carter. Posted: Thursday, July 5

THE SCISSOR FILE – From A Whisper To A Scream
I don’t understand what a Scissor File is, but hey, when did that ever matter?
This debut EP features some of the melodic rock/punk that has become the staple sound of the Pee Records label. But with one difference. They are far more rock than punk (to this listener anyway). Now take this however you want, but the softer, i guess you’d call it a breakdown section, in one of the songs – Save Me(KMOH) – has a very Jimmy Eat World sound to it. The reason I say take it however you want, is because lets face it, you either love Jimmy Eat World to death, or you’d love to hear of Jimmy Eat Worlds death…. Moving on though, there are parts of this EP (in particular the oh-oh part of “The Art of Letting Go”), that feel very reminiscent of The Futureheads, albeit with a very low end punk style instead of the poppier sound the actual Futureheads put out. While the song “Cheap Shots” is a rocking song with a loud, kick arse chorus and bridge, that includes the phrase “From a whisper to a scream” that is the releases name. The verses however have a lighter edge, to soften you up for the rockin blow that is the rest of the song. Also something I really enjoyed…a solo! “A solo…in a EP released on a punk/hardcore label?” I hear you ask, well its true, and beyond that, this is where The Scissor File set themselves apart from the rest of the Pee Records lineup (that I’ve gotten to hear). While many other bands are playing a brand of music that lays in the punk/hardcore camp, and yet dabbles in a more rock sound, The Scissor File’s moment of punkery aren’t as out there as others of the same ilk. Apparently influenced by Unwritten Law (who I personally think are fantastic, from what few songs I’ve been able to hear), Bodyjar (need I say more?), and Saosin (can’t win ’em all, but hey, Saosin are doing that sound almost to perfection, love it or hate it), The Scissor File are playing the kind of music that does have a bit of that emotional overtone to it, but it’s done in such a fantastic honest way, that not once do the generic “emo” ideas bubble up. This is rock with a melodic side, and a genuine sound. This one will be in rotation for a while.
Rating: 96% by Ringo

05 May 2007

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CAT #: PCD017
Recorded & Mixed by: Dave Carr @ Range Master Studios
Mastered by: John Roberto @ Crystal Mastering
Artwork by: Pete Pee

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