After a two year hiatus of personal development/demon destroying and head-clearing, Canadian punks YOUTHINASIA are back stronger than ever and set to release their new EP “Feed The Machine”. With new members and a more progressive sound via three guitarist and the addition of piano and violin, all performed by the 5 multi-instrumentalist members of YOUTHINASIA. For fans of: No Use For A Name, No Fun At All, Lagwagon.
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YOUTHINASIA – Feed The Machine
The opening, titular track on this EP had us thinking “Oh crap-metal-wank-meets-pop-punk-meets-clumsily-played-reggae- this sounds like Pour Habit’s latest.” Thankfully the rest of Feed The Machine is much better than that. This is follow by a weird violin interlude before an oddly-timey excursion and some more double-timey thrash goodness. This band plays speedy metallic punk (like Strung Out at their best) more than anything else, but with a violin, piano and three guitarists, Youthinasia allow themselves to stretch out more than most. Youthinasia has been around more than a decade, and it’s baffling why they aren’t better known than they are, because Feed The Machine wipes the floor with most of the technically-inclined, metallic-influenced melodic punk bands that you’ve heard.
Rating: 4/5 – Review by: Brent Balinski
YOUTHINASIA – Feed The Machine
This Canadian outfit impressed with their last release a couple of years back, now after a bit of a break and shuffle, they are back, bigger and better than before. Three guitarists fatten the sound while addition of piano and violin keep things interesting by mixing up the sound. They start with a base of hard hitting pop-punk driven by solid vocals, then throw all kinds of layers on top throughout the EP. Definitely taking on the best parts of various elements and blending them into one. Pigeonhole them, nope you can’t, Sounds like? nope, can’t do that either. Can say it’s a catchy, memorable listen. Refreshing in sound, a taste of what may come on their future full length. Highlights are ‘Feed The Machine’, ‘Meet Your Maker’ and ‘There Comes A Time’.

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YOUTHINASIA – Feed The Machine
Having disappeared off the radar for a number of years, Canada’s Youthinasia are back with a new line-up and a re-tooled sound. Their latest EP Feed The Machine features seven brand new tracks, all of which showcase the group’s musical progression. Far from the NOFX and Lagwagon-styled skate punk of their earlier years, this new release shows a musical and melodic depth that the group was previously missing. Throughout Feed The Machine, Youthinasia play a brand of technical punk rock similar to that employed by other acts like A Wilhelm Scream and Strung Out, although with a much smoother vocal delivery. Fast tempos and intricate guitar leads thrive (they do have three guitarists after all), although it is the group’s dynamic variation that is particularly enjoyable; the EP’s title track in particular segues through a number of sonically contrasting sections, naturally and seamlessly. Surprisingly, it is the less punk moments on Feed The Machine that really make this record work. Two strategically placed interludes, one near the beginning and one near the end, help add a sense of depth and grandeur to the flow of the EP. Consisting of short instrumental pieces performed on piano and violin, these interludes also play an important role in reinforcing and emphasising the ferocity of the group’s usual punk rock attack. On the whole, Feed The Machine is an intriguing release from Youthinasia. Not only does it demonstrate the bands strong grasp of the punk genre, but also shows they aren’t afraid to think outside the box and throw something unique and different into the mix. With the promise of a new album sometime in the near future, it will be interesting to see what direction Youthinasia decide to take when adapting their sound to the full-length format
Rating: 7/10 – Review by: Matthew Woodward

01 July 2011

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CAT #: PCD045
Produced by: Trevor James Anderson & Youthinasia
Engineered & Mixed by: Trevor James Anderson @ HomeTownSounds Studios
Artwork by: Si Clark

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