Highly acclaimed debut from Adelaide quartet The Open Season. Perfect blend of intense Aussie rock with post hardcore / punk.
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Bombshell Zine
The list of Adelaide bands to impress continues to grow, you can now see a new flashing light on the radar hovering around the outskirts, call it The Open Season. To give a simple description i’d say you could throw Kisschasy, In The Grey & Trial Kennedy in a packet, these guys would be the flavour sachet. Keen to get in the mix these guys have gone into the ever popular Soundhouse Studios in Adelaide with ex Thinktank member Darren Thompson, who’s racking up some fine credits and fine sounds these days. A 6 track EP is the result, an impressive start for these youngsters who also refreshingly seemed to have ignored the ‘let’s rip off our influences music wise and worry more about fashion than writing’ mode that too many new bands slip into. You like an aussie accent singing? These guys have it. You like a good mix of styles represented? These guys deliver it. You like a well structured song full of melody? You guessed it, they deliver. Looks like everything is coming up The Open Season on this release. Well worth adding to your “check out” list.

This 4 piece from Adelaide should be more than proud of this strong 6 track release. The band combine catchy pop hooks with some strong vocals, I know that you are all probably thinking wow that hasn’t been done before, well the thing that stands out is the front man sings with an Australian accent. That is something that is seemingly non-existent in the music scene at the moment. The only real problem I can find with this 4 piece is that some of the backing vocals are screaming and they play some kind of hardcore/metal riffs. It just seems to standout a lot when the rest of the song is light-hearted vocals over some catchy riffs. A prime example of this occurance is in the 5th track “Page to Page Pt 1”. Though I’m sure all of this can be overlooked if you like the rest of their music. After all is said and done I can only really praise this 4 piece. With catchy pop-punk style riffs and strong Australian vocals the band should make it somewhat big over here. They do sound a bit like “Saves the Day” so if they are your cup of tea I highly recommend this band.

Inside Metal
Having personally followed The Open Season’s since their short career (a little over a year), I have seen them go from a poorly recorded demo to an EP worthy of radio play. And what a pleasant change it is for just about everyone involved in their music. Having heard a track from them almost a year ago, I knew their unique brand of “no bullshit” heavy Aussie punk rock would get them far. With only one official release under their belt and thus far having successfully landed airplay on national radio and currently in the middle of a national tour, this is just the beginning for a young band that plays fresh, modern music. Catchy is the operative word when you listen to The Open Season’s music. Upon second listen I found myself humming choruses in the shower (not that any of you wanted to know that!). Not to overshadow the rest of the album, standout track ‘Page To Page Part I’ sums up the band’s musical capabilities, with the perfect blend of melodic vocals and heavy, heavy guitar it’s a song you have to move to. Having supported bands like After The Fall, Kisschasy and The Hot Lies whose accomplishments are self evident, The Open Season are easily a more passionate and higher quality band than those who have looked down upon the. In a few years I can see them headlining and playing in front of…well, not millions but a lot more people than they were playing in front of a year ago. For a 6-track short release there isn’t much else to say about music of this quality other than go and hear it for yourself and if there isn’t already talk about this band in your town…start talking. IN SUMMARY: If this is what they can produce on an EP…a full length would be dangerous. Buy this CD!
Rating: 9 /10 Review by: Sam Humphreys

07 Oct 2003

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CAT #: PCD007
Recorded at: Soundhouse Studios, Adelaide
Produced by: Darren Thompson
Mixed by: Darren Thompson
Mastered by: John Ruberto @ Crystal
Artwork by: Travis Wright

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