Melbourne hardcore punk outfit Faux Defeated blew the cobwebs off our office stereo with their sold out debut EP! Five of the most intense songs released on PEE REC to date!
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Track List:
1. Burn In Hell
2. One Last Look
3. The Outcome
4. Deceitful Conformist
5. The Resurrection Of Evil

Give Blood – Issue #1
Okay kids, today in Home Ec. we are making a ‘Faux Defeated’, it comes from Melbourne and they started making it back in 2003. If any of you stuff this one up you certainly can’t expect to pass your end of term exam. Firstly, let 2 litres of water boil in a frying pan, then we will add the ingredients: start with a pinch of the simplicity of punk, followed by some punk singing and some hardcore screams. Let this sit for a bit and then throw in some hardcore chugging, some cool lyrics and then finish up with some metal melodies and heaviness. Let this sit for another couple of minutes and then pour it into 5 bowls kids. There you have it, 5 tracks of Faux Defeated! Well that’s enough silly/lame intro… basically, the music Faux Defeated play feels like the bastard child of various parts of punk, hardcore and metal. I think it’s pretty damn cool, the songs flow well and you get a combination of screamed vocals with catchy (but not really melodic) punk singing thrown into a lot of the songs. While I find it hard to compare these dudes to other bands, I think they do sound a lot like ‘ Into the Valley of Death’ era Death by Stereo – like they have a similar sort of vocals and around the same amount of punk and metal sounding parts. I really like the lyrics on this one, there’s a great song about a broken friendship, looks like another about conformity and it’s cool cause a lot of the songs metaphors that go along the whole ‘Burn in Hell’ EP name… I like it. If you’re a fan of hardcore, metal or punk and you’re after something a bit different I definitely recommend this band. They manage to sound fresh and new while still having elements familiar to kids into any of those genres… good shiz.

The Sharp End Zine – Issue #3
It’s hard for me to really make a decision as to what I think this type of band is trying to sound like. In one idea thoughts that they are a metalcore band playing music in the same vein as other melodic acts like As I Lay Dying and Dead To Fall spring to mind. From another ideas of bands like Toe To Toe and even Small Brown Bike spring to mind. Hmm a tricky one. First up I can safely say that this is a solid debut EP from the band, a very strong way to enter the ever growing punk, metal and hardcore market. To make my final decision on what the band are like I would have to say that any fan of modern day metal will probably be able to get into this one. ‘Burn In Hell’ has all the earmarks of a very good metalcore release, high tempos with gallops a plenty, some chuggah thrown in, breakdowns, the odd guitar solo and metal styled vocals. Production wise though sounds as if it was mixed on a punk diet. Perhaps that is why I feel confused when trying to categorise the CD. It’s as if the band when writing the material wanted the metal feel with the odd hardcore and punk influences (ie some group chants, the odd punk singing bit) but once the stuff got into the hands of the mixer he put a total punk feel to it. The guitars while heavy aren’t quite heavy enough for me, sounding a little more like previously mentioned punk bands. It’s funny because I can definitely imagine this album being immediately accessible to the majority of the metalcore kids out there while also being very entertaining for the more punkish, hardcore types. It’s probably the first time I can really say that and believe it. Perhaps being signed to Premier Australian punk label Pee Records has anything to do with it? Who knows. All I know is that all in all it’s very much worth getting your hands on ‘Burn In Hell’ and all you need to know is that you won’t be disappointed one bit. Rating: 8/10
Review by: SEAN

Argyle Zine – Issue #7
This second EP from Melbourne based hardcore metal punk act Faux Defeated will knock you round the second it starts. The title track ‘Burn In Hell’ blasts out in an explosion of heavy guitar riffs and brutal throat vocals, and it doesn’t let up for the full sixteen minutes. The drums are intensely fast in places, and the guitar solos shred! The vocals are sung in much of the cd, and the throat vocals are (thankfully) not over-used. ‘The Outcome’ comes in halfway through this EP, and the rhythm and bass guitars add that extra depth in this track, definitely a stand-out. Faux Defeated certainly know how to utilise all five members of the band.
Review by: Emily

Rip It Up – Issue #867
Locally based label Pee is at it again after successful recent releases with The Open Season and Line Of Departure. This time they’ve picked up Melbourne’s Faux Defeated who play a driving and bruising musical style that brings together elements of aggressive hardcore, melodic punk with the odd metallic riff thrown in for good measure.
“Burn In Hell” is a great opener and illustrates the fast riffs and good vocal combination of authoritive clean vocals along with intense, screamed back ups which make for a great musical intensity. More intensity follows with “One Last Look” and it’s this track where it becomes obvious that the band is pursuing more of a riff-laden brutality rather than evoking a melodic punk focus.
Tasty melodic metal rears it’s head on “The Outcome” and the vocals are particularly intense whilst still incorporating the odd harmony. The production here is harsh and abrasive and certainly suits the dark and heavy element (in a punk and hardcore sense though) but although it’s reasonable it still can sound somewhat cluttered at times.
You have to give Faux Defeated points for differentiating themselves musically from many of their ilk as they don’t slip neatly into either (bland) metalcore territory or formulaic new screamo. “Deceitful Conformist” again ups the aggressive punk hardcore tone here and the last offering, “The Resurrection Of Evil”, conjures metallic imagery and gitsy riffs.
Either way “Burn In Hell” is a fine Australian release that marks another high quality release from Pee.
Review By: Shayne Charlesworth

Bizoo Zine – Issue #23
Burn In Hell is Faux Defeated’s second EP release and I must say it’s a rather tidy punk/hardcore/metal release. The sound is fast, brutal and melodic with some old fashioned technical guitar thrown in. While they could be compared to a number of bands, particularly “metalcore” bands, there are a few things that give their sound a unique trait. While Faux Defeated have taken on dominant metal influence they have still managed to keep a strong punk sound to their music. The vocals are harsh, brutal, rough and melodic all the same time. And one thing I admire a lot in a hardcore/metal band these days is they have steered clear of the whole open drop chug note break down dominating a majority of their songs. So if you are a fan of the whole hardcore and metalcore style then defnitely check out this EP.
Review by: Les

These Melbourne lads are keeping the shred in hardcore, if slick guitar work and intense drumming is your thing then add these guys to your checklist immediately. A five track EP that goes from 0 to 100 instantly, a very tight unit these guys show huge promise. Not a boring moment to be found at all, you could say they have a bit of an Avenged Sevenfold (minus the pose) vibe to it all. A great Aussie sound to the vocals too, not jumping on any scene wank you can just tell that seeing these tracks live would be an experience. Great sounding, great vibe, big name for the future if things continue.

Blunt – Issue #46
Burn In Hell gives a nod to many styles of metal, hardcore and punk with some very competent songwriting displayed. The big letdown with this release is the production. I am not sure if FD were looking to achieve a particularly raw sound, but they most certainly have achieved one. Considering this band has been been around for just under 3 years it’s weird that they release their debut now with production that is quite honestly weaker than a lot of newer band’s demos. Some great songs here – although it would be nice to hear them sounding good. Rating: 5 / 10
Review by: Dave Banning

Keyed Youth Magazine – Issue #1
These Melbourne guy’s have really shown some brilliant potential as one of those ‘bands you haven’t heard’ but if you had any taste in hardcore music they certainly wouldn’t be falling into that category. All 5 songs on the CD have been produced brilliantly and if you like shredding guitar, wicked drum beats and some hectic vocals this should be in your CD collection. The Melbourne boys certainly put together a CD that was not for 1 second a bore to listen to and if they can keep up the brilliant work they will certainly be a great force on the Australian Hardcore scene. If your a fan of Avenged Sevenfold or basically any hardcore music at all you should be very interested in these guys.
Rating: 8/10

24 Oct 2005

CAT #: PCD008
Jets by Dan O’Callaghan
Mixed by: Dan O’Callaghan & Michael Fitzgerald
Mastered by: Joseph Carra @ Crystal Mastering
Artwork by: Jeremy Kool

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