After 6 years of silence, iconic Italian straight edge metalcore band Purification decided that the time was right for a comeback, armed with a brand new line-up and new songs the re-issue of their latest record “Banging The Drums Of War” featuring 2 new bonus tracks, will be co-released by Hurry Up, Self X True and Pee Records covering all corners of the globe. For fans of: Earth Crisis, Bleeding Through, Slayer & Winds of Plague
500 x CDs : SOLD OUT

Track List:
1. Fight To Survive
2. Living In An Age Of Mass Extinction
3. Reinforced
4. Warpaint
5. Afraid Of This World
6. Holy War
7. Ordinary Life In An Occupied Land
8. Lament For A Fallen Soldier
9. Anathomy Of A Failed Revolution
10. Traders Of One Thousand Diseases

PEE #46
PURIFICATION – Banging The Drums Of War
I must admit, I was a little surprised hearing that Pee Records was releasing this CD here down-under. It is without a doubt, one of the heavier, if not the heaviest Pee Records release to date. Originally forming way back in 1996, this Italian band is true to their hardcore roots and 100% vegan, straight edge beliefs. Within ten years the band toured internationally and gained a dedicated and respectful following. Now after 6 silent years, Purification are back with a new line-up and ‘Banging The Drums Of War’ is a re-issue of their 2003 recording, released this time around featuring 2 new bonus tracks. Beginning with the opening track ‘Fight To Survive’, immediately you are drawn to the intense metalcore and heavier hardcore elements this band produces. There are plenty of distinctive hardcore and metal influenced riffs, pummelling drum beats, moderate tempos, subtle melodics and coarse hardcore vocals. Track 2 ‘Living In An Age Of Mass Extinction’ is much more of the same, and reminded me of the likes of Earth Crisis and Freya with its pummelling intro and prominent hardcore rhythms. This track eventually picks up pace and finishes strongly. In ending, it flows straight into track 3 ‘Reinforced’ carrying a similar riff in its intro. Track 5 ‘Afraid Of This World’ begins gradually with an orchestral intro and brutally bursts into a blistering metalcore opening verse and featuring the distinctive guest vocals of Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis, Freya). This is by far the standout track for me, with its intensity and diverse structure. What is prominent and evident on this release is a definite metal influence. There are many times throughout this CD where one can be reminded of early Slayer and there are some great metal melodies, especially featured in the track ‘Ordinary Life In An Occupied Land’, which again has more to offer than just a substandard metalcore track. The bonus tracks on this release show a glimpse of progressiveness and maturity, with more diversity in their sound and ambience in their style, similar to that of Bleeding Through. Recording-wise however, these two tracks are not as strong as the previous tracks and seem to lack a little punch, but musically, there is so much more on offer. Lyrically, Purification is as intimidating and confronting as they are musically and these tracks read like epic stories. All of this is packaged in a nice little digipack and looks pretty damn good. Fans of Samsara, Against, Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Slayer and those alike will love this.
Rating: 90 – Review By: John MEANtime

PURIFICATION – Banging The Drums Of War
Drawing inspiration from socially-aware outfits like Earth Crisis and Vegan Reich, Italian trio Purification dabble in a blend of hardcore that is heavy on the politics and breakneck Euro-metal riffing and light everything else. Committed to a relatively one dimensional sound, these long-standing scene veterans aren’t likely to turn any heads for dazzling musicianship or genre expansion anytime soon. However, those that are happy to get down to recycled sounds with a positive message will probably enjoy what they’re churning out. Lead cut “Fight To Survive” is packed with more than enough groove to get the bodies moving at the local community hall, while Karl Buechner’s (Earth Crisis) instantly recognizable growl gives the hard-hitting”Afraid of This World” some added bite.
2/5 Review by: Tomothy Hawthorne

16 July 2010

CAT #: PCD036
Track 01 – 08 Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Valerio Fisik @ Hombre Lobo Studio
Track 09 – 10 Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Danile Ingrati & Marco Calanca @ Skie Studio

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