Sydney hardcore quartet Silverback burned out bright with these six tracks for the release of their eagerly awaited EP “6 More Reasons To Hate Us”. This was to be the bands only release serving up heavy hardcore for fans of: Terror, Hatebreed, Cruel Hand, Sixlip & No Warning.
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Myglobalmind Webzine [USA]
SILVERBACK – 6 More Reasons To Hate Us
Out of nowhere comes this six track hardcore onslaught from indie Australian label PEE RECORDS. While it’s easy to just label all modern hardcore bands as metalcore, sometimes this label is just not fitting. SILVERBACK are one of those instances, and while their certainly an element of this release that can be compared to the typical metalcore formula, their overall sound is something more in the vein of the band 50 LIONS or CRUEL HAND. I suppose you could class it as crossover hardcore because it’s just a bit too heavy to be classed as straight up harcore. I guess you could even throw the deathcore tag around a bit when describing the band’s sound, but once again I can’t help but think that they should be just classed as a great hardcore band that area a bit heavier that some of their contemporaries. The highlight of the band’s second E.P 6 MORE REASONS TO HATE US is the uncompromising and unrelenting aggressiveness that hits you from the opening stanza all the way through to end note. Where a lot of bands these days are trying to add textures and color in the middle of E.P’s and albums, sometimes it’s refreshing to chuck a disc on get your ass kicked all the way through. LABYRINTH, REMAIN and SIGHTS SET are some of the best Aussie hardcore I think I’ve ever heard, and if the band can come back with a full album of tunes as good as these they will certainly set themselves up for success. I hope that what I have written above is enough of a motivator for people to go and check these guys out because I know a lot of people will be surprised by just how good they are and just how ready they are to take off. If you are a fan of any iteration of modern day hardcore music, do yourself a favor and add 6 MORE REASONS TO HATE US to your cd library. If SILVERBACK take off to the levels of success and recognition I think they deserve, this awesome little E.P may just become some sort of collectors item.
Rating : 9/10 – Written By ZeeZee

Ox Fanzine #94 [Germany]
SILVERBACK – 6 More Reasons To Hate Us
The quartet from Sydney did not take long to convince me. A cycle of MCD in less than a quarter of an hour and everything was clear. The same happened to me once with HATEBREED’s “Under The Knife”. Although there were seven songs on it, but again it took only 15 minutes to me than to win new supporters and later fan. And from what has become of HATEBREED today, we all know. A similar success, I would also want SILVERBACK, because in many ways they resemble the early HATEBREED. I’m really looking forward to an upcoming album. By then we will know whether SILVERBACK will have written “Perseverance”.

Coffeemug Zine #9 [Philippines]
SILVERBACK – 6 More Reasons To Hate Us
Another awe-inspiring release from Pee Records. Formed last 2008 in Sydney, these hardcore kids already shared the stages with Australia’s hardcore acts like 50 Lions and Parkway Drive. Silverback’s EP is fueled with six intense and staggering hardcore sound. There is no reason to hate this band. Lee’s vocals are terrifying and intense and it is perfect for Silverback’s aggressive hardcore music, together with crisp and deafening guitar and drum sound. The third track on the CD “Remain” and the sixth track “Numbers” will crush you and reminds me of Terror and NZ’s Sixlip. The artwork of the CD is marvelous and it made the release a complete package.

SILVERBACK – 6 More Reasons To Hate Us
Silverback are a hardcore band from Sydney. Having built a reputation for their explosive live shows, they are quickly gaining fans everyday. With their hardworking attitude it is more than fitting that they have just signed with Pee Records and released their brand new EP, ‘6 More Reasons To Hate Us’. During the last decade hardcore music has grown like a muscle on steroids in Australia. Which has resulted in more than enough below par bands infiltrating our airwaves. But with the bad comes the good, Silverback happen to be one of the good ones. They are a band that is in your face every second of every song. On songs ‘Labyrinth’, ‘Anti-Christ’ and ‘Numbers’ the listener is brought into the frantic world of Silverback’s vocalist, Lee. He is backed up by three other guys Mitch (guitar), Camillo (drums) and Jimmy (bass). They show more maturity in the music they create compared to those with albums of material released. ‘6 More Reasons To Hate Us’ contains hardcore music influenced by Terror and early Bury Your Dead. Aggressive music played by aggressive people is what Silverback deliver. ‘6 More Reasons To Hate Us’ contains six songs that are guaranteed to destroy live venues across Australia. Pee Records have once again found an Australian band that stands out from the rest. Recommended Song: ‘Numbers.
Rating: 9/10

PEE #46
SILVERBACK – 6 More Reasons To Hate Us
Lets face the truth, it appears that people seem to either love or hate Silverback. Their latest EP, ‘6 More Reasons To Hate Us’ was the first release from the band since their 2002 demo/ep ‘Dead’. Very few bands wait 8 years in between releases, and unfortunately majority of bands do not seem to last 8 years. Since the latest release in 2002, there have been a few line up changes as expected. 6 More Reasons seems to be a different direction as opposed to Dead. Silverback continue with the straight up hardcore sound combined with meaningful lyrics which are well thought out and not so straight up like Dead. Despite these vast differences, 6 More Reasons is a lot heavier to the previous sound the band is known for. Although I enjoyed all the tracks, stand outs for me include ‘Labyrinth’, ‘Remain’, and ‘Sights Set’. Whether you love, hate, or have never heard Silverback I would recommend giving 6 More Reasons To Hate Us a listen.
Rating: 92 – Revew By: Jessexxx

PEE #46
SILVERBACK – 6 More Reasons To Hate Us
Sydney’s Silverback have found a home at Pee Records and has released one mammoth onslaught of brutal and intimidating hardcore. There is nothing fancy about this band or this release, but it is purely relentless, thrashing, dark and unforgiving. ‘6 More Reasons To Hate Us’ is the bands the follow up to their earlier debut released in 2008. What was Silverback then, ain’t the Silverback now and this release is the dirt and slab of cement burying the past. It begins with a brooding and evolving intro that soon leads into the ‘Labyrinth’, an evil and haunting track with simple yet effective riffs and an impacting tempo. Front-man Lee’s vocals are intense and assertive and extremely fitting to this bands tremendous hardcore sound. Track 3 ‘Remain’ is relentless and blistering, once again highlighting the fact, that there aint anything fancy here, but what is, is done damn well and draws all to attention. The breakdown in this track will rival that of any modern day metalcore outfit and lyrically, it is as straight to the point as one can get. The production is near perfect and compliments this bands heavy and brutal style, bringing out the bands defining and dominant traits. The guitars are crushing and each instrument is as clear and audible as the other. The structures in these tracks are straight forward and the breakdowns these guys produce are extreme and intense… heavy is a word that comes to mind, again and again, and again. Lyrically Silverback are as direct as they are musically, touching on many issues familiar with us all, and some personal in regards to the track ‘Numbers’ and the suffering of OCD. This package, complete with some awesome artwork, is damn impressive. I am itching to see these guys live and I can’t wait to get my hands on some Silverback merch… this release has done its job.
Rating: 98 – Review By: John MEANtime

16 July 2010

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