Brisbane melodic hardcore quintet Sun Heights have laid it all out for all to hear on their debut full length “The War” and are ready to let audiences hear their efforts. “The War” was mixed and mastered by Jay Maas of Getaway Recording in Boston, MA. For fans of Carpathian, Defeater, Liferuiner, Have Heart, Modern Life Is War.
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Kill Your Stereo
Brisbane’s Sun Heights have been working hard to create a bit of a name for themselves in the lead up to their debut full length ‘The War.’ Some singles, some impressive support slots, all of which has helped shaped their sound and prepare them to tackle the tricky task of standing out in the giant pool of melodic hardcore bands. Interestingly, opening track 1989 shows off a keen sense of melody, despite the fact that the main note of the opening is just feedback, but even upon the arrival of crashing drums and grated screams, the guitar lines maintain a simple but catchy tune. The simplicity of the band’s music could be panned, as could the lack of tonal variety in the sound, however in this case, the first point, simplicity, seems like more of a strength. Our Darkest Moments thunders along, an extension of the track before it but with a little more energy, the guitar line continues in a similar vein, it’s either clever of lazy, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt considering how well this flows however. Things get a little bit thrashy on Lies From The Past before slowing down from some spacious and ambient guitar lines in Snow, coupled with room sounding screams and pounding drums. The vocals never seem to change their pace or style which can become a bit grating throughout the record but the instrumentation more than makes up for this. The guitar work and drum lines are the standouts of this record, they provide the energy and melody and are usually the most interesting parts of the tracks, you will find yourself being guided by the guitar patterns as you tune out of the vocals. The record closes with a little bit of chaos, the hard hitting Last Words which is a wall of sound assault from the word go, and the more refined, post-rock sounding title track that closes things off with a relentless rhythm. Conclusion: Sun Heights have some elements to their sound that make them an interesting act, it’s not quite there yet, they aren’t quite above the pack on their debut, but there is certain potential and it will be interesting to see how they use it moving forward.
Rating: 70 – Review by: Luke C

OX Fanzine #114 [Germany]
“The War” is the debut album, which was founded in 2011 Australian melodic hardcore band SUN HEIGHTS. The ten songs are consistently dark, lyrically and musically, they are full of anger and insecurity and hatred of the world. After a slightly slow intro it goes immediately going at full speed and only the slightly slower “Snow” provides a little breathing space before the band gets going again. “The War” is indeed quite successful and beautiful to hear, but in the long run there is a lack of variety and creativity, which makes the album unfortunately quite long-winded.
Rating: 5/10 – Review by: Hannah Lang [Belgium]
After first emerging on the scene in 2011, Brisbane’s Sun Heights have since been refining their sound while gearing up for the release of their debut album, “The War”. Mixed and mastered by Jay Maas, the nine songs on here sound great. The band’s take on melodic cathartic hardcore is not the most complicated but these guys have a way with subtle melodies that fade in and out between the shredding. My only problem with Sun Heights are the vocals… as soon as Lachlan De Hayr starts screaming, I found myself losing interest courtesy of some seriously monotonous screams. If they work on that, I’m sure their next album will be a lot more effective!
Rating: 6/10 – Reviewed by Thomas [Brazil]
The war! If you are prepared to face an epic battle between good and evil, put the album The War of Sun Heights band at full volume on your cd player. Beginning of the album starts with a truly impressive and aggressive “1989”. On the first pitch of the voice of vocalist you are already automatically transported to the battlefield. And you advance toward the enemy lines with the barrel chest and front facing anyone. Shortly following the sweeping “Our Darkest Moments” transports you to the front lines, making guitars and basses in motivational and inspirational tools. And the battle lasts almost thirty minutes and ends with his last words (pun, anyone?) in the wonderful “Last Words”, the best song on the album, the most robust and vigorous this war! Hardcore done with magnitude. Performance flagship. This sums up the album The War. Reading this review sounds like I’m talking about a historical film. But when you press play, you will understand all that is written here. The band Sun Heights managed to make a perfect album. With strength and aggression, fundamental predicates for the style that these guys play. Do not be afraid, get your things, put the cd of The War at maximum volume and go to war. Your daily war against the problems of your life. Be sure that the music of Sun Heights will motivate and influence you to overcome all obstacles and difficulties. And remember: good always wins in the end. And in a war, who wins is next to the sun. Recommended for fans of: Most Precious Blood, Sick Of It All, Defeater.
Rating: 10/10

05 Sept 2014

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CAT #: PCD061
Recorded by: Doug Clarke @ Hunting Ground Studios
Mixed & Mastered by: Jay Maas of Getaway Recording
Artwork by: Pete Pee

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