Limited edition 10″ EP from Perth melodic punk rock quintet Burning Fiction. A melodic record for fans of Bodyjar, Pulley, Japandroids. Transparent red / orange vinyl.
250 x Transparent Red / Orange Vinyl

REVIEWS: [Belgium]
BURNING FICTION – The Story Will Continue…
Australia’s Burning Fiction are back with an EP called “The Story Will Continue”. On it, they blast through six songs worth of punkrock that sometimes border on rock in songs like “O’desperad”. These guys are big on melody and come at you with some solid riffs, a more than capable rhythm section, emotionally charged vocals, big hooks and manage to incorporate some sweet harmonies along the way. They allow their material to breathe rather than cram it down your throat, allowing the choruses to jump out. The only song that falls a bit short is “Those With No Fortune”, which clocks in at a little over four minutes and feels a bit dragged out. The screams in the middle also seem redundant. The other five songs however are well worth your time if you’re into the likes of Bodyjar to name another Australian band.
Rating: 7.0 out of 10 – Reviewed by Thomas

Blunt Issue #118
BURNING FICTION – The Story Will Continue…
Like the rest of the Pee Records stable, Perth’s Burning Fiction approach their punk rock from an honest and no-frills perspective, one that’s light on the bells and whistles and heavy on quality songwriting that, at times, evokes the spirit Melbourne luminaries such as Bodyjar, Caustic Soda and even the less charged moments of Away From Now. Time spent honing their craft – on their 2009 debut and an international, three way split in 2010 – has obviously paid off, as the five-piece’s well developed arrangements and implementation of the ‘less is more’ approach, allow their songs to breath and the choruses to really jump out at the listener. With only six tracks on offer, The Story Will Continue is over all too quickly, but it’s a promising sign of what’s to come.
Rating: 3/5 – Review by: Timothy Hawthorne

Chucking A Mosh
BURNING FICTION – The Story Will Continue…
Melody, Melody, Melody. Perhaps learnt by musicians, or perhaps simply innate all along and you may just be blessed to possess the bones to create it naturally. Such super- positive happy vibes evoked, such memorable tunes to be created! Its hard not to be a fan of the true embracer’s that utilize such a natural skill, one that may influence and create something memorable, or may result in utter shit. Happy to report- this latest release by ‘Burning Fiction’ show how to do it very, very right! ‘Burning Fiction’- straight outta Perth, possess many a melodic bone, showing that hand on each of the 6 tracks on their latest EP limited edition 10” release ‘The Story Will Continue…’ With a knack for crafting sweet harmonies and vocal hooks throughout the release, Burning Fiction show off with their high quality sound and talent that brings to mind Bodyjar inspired Punk Rock leanings. Opening track ‘Served So Well’ kicks proceedings off with an ultra-nostalgic feel and melodic punk stylings, before settling into its post-hardcore comfort zone with aplomb. No more apt statement exists than this is a great opener- really great vocal harmonies with beautiful guitar tones resonate immediately and effectively. Why the sudden urge to kick back with a beer and enjoy the sunshine while listening to this band’s record? Things move along nicely with ‘Train Wreck’ and ‘Gnarly Brown’- again, melody is the emphasis here, with some very tender riffs and a rolling rhythm keeping those toes tapping and head nodding of its own accord. Fourth track ‘O’desperad’ brings the backing vocals to the forefront- some immediate harmonies complimenting the vocals proper brilliantly, making for quite the memorable performance. ‘Those With No Fortune’ and ‘Sunday’ tone down the pace somewhat, allowing the songs to breathe a little more and incorporate a few more experimental hooks and ideas, with no diminished quality and really an extension in order to view the 6 songs as a whole. Burning Fiction show they have the sensibilities and the hooks to impose themselves amongst their contemporaries- with melody and memorable moments on this EP so prevalent, bands such as Paper Arms would have fans that would eat this up and find it the perfect summer live soundtrack. Nice work fellas! Rating: 24 out of 28 Days

Rest Assured Zine
BURNING FICTION – The Story Will Continue…
Perth melodic punk rock five piece, Burning Fiction deliver their third release to date in that of a new 6 song 10inch. When I threw this record on for the first listen, I immediately thought of Irrelevant, as these songs have a comparable structure and delivery to them. Sadly not many bands are pursuing this sort of sound of late, feeling the need to over compensate with guitar wankery or heavier parts. BF keep things predictable and there are no cringe worthy surprises or experiments that pop up.The sound of this record is a little bit raw around the edges at times which adds to the appeal, rather than pursuing the common practice of over production. If you like solid melodic punk rock then give this a listen.
BURNING FICTION – The Story Will Continue…
This 10″ released late last year by these Perth guys is one for the melodic punk fans. A couple of tracks have Irrelevant written all over them sound wise, never a bad thing. Across the 6 tracks there’s some good variety on offer keeping you into it right through. Another solid effort in their catalogue, for fans of most styles of punk rock. Well worth giving a listen.

21 Dec 2012

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CAT #: PV006
Recorded, Mixed by: Adam Round @ YoYo Studios
Mastered by: Alan Douches @ West West Side
Artwork by: Levi Caddy

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