Debut solo EP for THE DECLINE vocalist / bass player Dan Cribb. Featuring guest vocals from Nick Diener of THE SWELLERS, mixed and mastered at Drasik Studios in Chicago by Mark Michalik (The Swellers, We Are The Union, The Wonder Years)
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DAN CRIBB – The Memories Last
While the voice is familiar from the fast punk rock of The Decline, the songs show another side to Dan Cribb. Another punk singer going solo you say… but the good thing about all the local folks having a go at this solo thing, is they all bring something different to the table. Dan’s offering is acoustic driven pop rock if you have to slot it somewhere. Upbeat, catchy and easy to remember, and will no doubt inspire some good sing-a-longs. Most particular the single, and EP highlight, ‘It Never Ends’. You’ll be tapping along right away. Some well written tracks on offer and it all makes for a great introduction. Hopefully there’s more to come in the future.

Kill Your Stereo
DAN CRIBB – The Memories Last
Dan Cribb, from Perth’s The Decline, has teamed up with his buddy Nick Diener of The Swellers to deliver his first acoustic solo release, ‘The Memories Last.’ Five songs of melodic and emotional acoustic punk that emphasise Cribb’s smooth vocal abilities and honest lyrics. Opening track ‘The Fall’ relies on these solid vocals in their long phrases to drive the track. The simple four chord backing really just offers a canvas for the harmonies and a guitar solo for good measure. The EP’s stand out track ‘It Never Ends’ brings in a few of the punk rock influences with its faster pace and raises the vocal harmony bar. The piano lines seep in on ‘I Think I’m Still Drunk’ offering a nice dynamic to the otherwise same sounding acoustic guitars and give the song a light, almost pop feel. This is brought back down by the slightly grittier guitars of ‘Part One’, a swaying ballad that takes its cues from a Frank Turner pub anthem and has the guitar and vocal lines working beautifully in tandem. The EP’s closing number ‘Drover’s Track’ strips everything back down to just acoustic guitar and vocals for its beginning and slowly builds into a beat. While by this point a formula is established and rarely deviated from, five tracks isn’t enough to get sick of. Diener contributed bass, guitar, backing vocals and piano to the EP, meaning that song writing aside, he had as much, if not more, to do with the performance as Cribb. Mixed and mastered by Mark Michalik (The Wonder Years, Fireworks) in Chicago, the sound stays true to the recording style of this scene, clear enough to understand, yet gritty enough to still be real.
Summary: Punk goes acoustic. CONCLUSION: Dan Cribb has shot straight down the line with his first solo EP, keeping things relatively simple and honest, and opting to play on his strengths. ‘The Memories Last’ is exactly what happens when a punk rocker picks up an acoustic guitar and decides to bare a little soul.
Rating: 70 – Review by: Luke C

BLUNT Issue #126
DAN CRIBB – The Memories Last
What we have here is the maiden solo release from Dan Cribb, the bassist and vocalist of WA punks The Decline and before you say it, no, it’s not another Fat Wreck-styled dude shunning his roots in favour of a folk-styled adventure. Instead, we’re presented with Cribb’s already fine-uned method of vocal delivery, which sits atop a base of largely acoustic pop numbers that wouldn’t be out of step with your average Chris Carrabba fan’s listening habits. Think a less whiney (and more adult) Dashboard Confessional meets the phrasing and melodicism of No Use For A Name (R.I.P Tony Sly) and you’ll have a good idea of what this five-track EP is all about. The addition of a toe-tapping drum beat or occassional lead break only strengthens Cribb’s output, making The Memories Last as refreshing as it is catchy.
Rating: 3.5/5 – Review by: Cameron Chambers

Ox-Fanzine #110 [Germany]
DAN CRIBB – The Memories Last
Dan Cribb, better known as the singer of Australia between pop-punk band THE DECLINE, is a go-getting young man. When he met AufTour Nick servant of the THE great Swellers, he dedicated this ado as a helping hand on piano, bass and guitar, and together realized they Dans first solo acoustic EP “The Memories Last”. Accordingly, this also sounds like the undistorted link between the two bands: Beautiful, melancholic harmonies alternate with polyphonic choirs from hovering over back-reported acoustic pop and tell of the sweet and sour side of life in Australia who like tHE Swellers, YELLOW CARD and Co., and their music. can imagine in undistorted version, the charm of Dan Cribb will find it hard to resist.
Rating: 7/10 – Review by: David Schumann

Chucking A Mosh
DAN CRIBB – The Memories Last
Taking a side-step away from the heavier brand of punk he plays with The Decline, Perth’s Dan Cribb has come out with this, his solo debut EP titled The Memories Last. It’s out through Pee Records and has Cribb reaching for an acoustic guitar and making the most of his youthful voice. Alongside Mark Michalik who held the responsibility of mixing and mastering (as he has done for The Swellers, Fireworks and Pet Symmetry, among others) The Swellers’ frontman Nick Diener has been enlisted to lend his bass, guitar, keys and backing-vocal flair. The result is a bright, honest and rather stripped-back acoustic-punk offering. The EP has a strong opening song in ‘The Fall’, which bursts forth with a single, strong acoustic guitar and clear, clean vocals before building up. However, it is the following track ‘It Never Ends’ which is both one of the strongest on the EP as well as the one that sets the overall tone for The Memories Last. It’s an all rounder, stirring up feelings of nostalgia which are contrasted by the upbeat nature of the instruments used throughout. ‘It Never Ends’ provides the best access to both Cribb’s clear, melodic main vocals and that of Diener’s complimentary backing and their ability to correspond with one another.‘I Think I’m Still Drunk’ which follows, slows things down a little, adding in an underlying piano line that goes onto be the star of the piece. It also does well to again display the two different vocal stylings working together. ‘Part One’ changes the pace of the EP again and gives a fresh look to the collection of five songs; the guitar at the open is evocative of, particularly British, folk-punk influences. It’s long, sliding progression matched with rhythmic acoustic guitar and sleek vocals punctuate ‘The Memories Last’ terrifically. It keeps the EP from becoming too much of the same thing, swaying gently from the pattern already set, whilst remaining true to The Memories Last as a whole. The Memories Last finishes on a high-note with ‘Drover’s Track’. Filled with strong acoustic guitar, equally sturdy vocals, a solo and subtly rippling bass, it ties everything together in a neat conclusion, with the lyrics offering a reference to the EP’s title in first two lines: “a year has passed/the memories last”. ‘Drover’s Track’ again offers hints of folk-punk influences and is a personal favourite. Despite the indication of poignant subject matter; it allows the EP to finish on a high-note. As a fan of both The Decline and pretty much anything Pee Records related I was certain that I’d dig The Memories Last, even if I wasn’t sure what to expect. Throwing it on repeat was all I needed to get through a one and half hour long commute, on a cold, miserable as all get out Melbourne morning – an impressive feat when the EP in its entirety rings in at under 15 minutes. Through a parred-back, thoughtful approach to the roles each instrument plays on The Memories Last and the honest, vivid and observational storytelling by way of lyrics, Dan Cribb has pulled together a brilliant solo debut. Rating: 25/28 Days

19 July 2013

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CAT #: PCD056
Recorded by: Adam Round @ YoYo Studio
Mixed & Mastered by: Mark Michalik @ Drasik Studios
Photography by: Christopher Wesser
Art Layout & Design by: Pete Pee

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