Old school punk hardcore from Italy’s Watch Your Step. They were one of the hardest touring European hardcore bands and toured Australia with this special Aussie Tour release that features 2 new bonus tracks!** For fans of Outbreak, Internal Affairs and Mental.
500 x CDs

Track List:

1. Roll The Dice
2. Face It
3. Empty Moves
4. Way To Shines
5. Give Me A Break
6. Bound To Lose
7. Discredit You
8. Take You Down With Me
9. End Of The Line
10. Still The Same Kid
11. Not Your Friend
12. Spitting Blood
13. Your Golden Rule
14. Some People**
15. War More Than Peace**

BLUNT Issue #75
WATCH YOUR STEP – Taking You Down With Me II
Blistering old school hardcore from recent tourists Watch Your Step from Italy, this is a re-release of their 2007 album, repackaged as a special tour edition with two unreleased tracks. If you didn’t know they were Italian it would be easy to think it was just another American band, with their flat out thrashy guitars, powerful backing vocals and bucket loads of attitude. Despite that, it works, and Taking You Down With Me II rips at your skull with ferocious intensity. In future, I’d love to cop the hammering with an Italian voice ringing in my ears.
Rating: 7 / 10 – Review by: Michael Atkin

World’s Appreciated Kitsch [Greece]
WATCH YOUR STEP – Taking You Down With Me II
To start with, this is not a new Watch Your Step record. It’s just the Australian edition of the “Taking Down With Me” album that came out about a year and a half ago by the Italy / Brasil based label Hurry Up Records. Pee Records from Australia, one of the most hard working hardcore / punk labels of the country, took the licence from Hurry Up and released this awesome record in time for the Watch Your Step Australian tour that took place some weeks ago. “Taking Down With Me II” includes all 13 songs of the ‘original’ record, plus 2 bonus ones, previously unreleased (one of them by the way will be featured in the CD compilation that will accompany the new issue of Keep It Real fanzine…), and a slightly different artwork. For those that are not aware of the Watch Your Step fame, well, you have to check ’em out definitely, they are undoubtedly one of the best bands that came out of Italy the last years. Their uncompromising hardcore style with street punk and rock ‘n’ roll influences is catchy as hell, while their 80s hardcore touch and cool attitude is reminiscent of the good ol’ days of the scene. They were formed 3 years ago in Florence and since then they have managed to achieve so many things like doing European, Brazilian and Australian tours, plus putting out awesome releases. If you like hardcore / punk in the vein of Negative Approach, SSD, Floorpunch, American Nightmare and even old Justice, then this is your thing! By the way, Leo, WYS’ singer, is responsible for the awesome hardcore website Save Your Scene. Watch Your Step, Yo!

Punknews.org [USA]
WATCH YOUR STEP – Taking You Down With Me II
Italy’s Watch Your Step isn’t writing the most brilliant stuff around, but they sure know the ins and outs of a good, fast, straightforward American hardcore song. If you dig on bands like Internal Affairs, Lights Out and Blue Monday, you probably know what you’re getting on Taking You Down with Me II. The album is actually an Australian tour reissue of their 2007 full-length of the same name with a few extra bonus tracks. Though these riffs and melodies have been heard before, they’re delivered with enough energy to get by and a really precise ability. Watch Your Step’s lyrical topics aren’t exactly a full stage dive ahead of anything that hasn’t already been previously discussed, but that chugging riff that follows the “talking shit behind my back” line in “Empty Moves” is just incredibly well-placed. I’m not even sure what the guy means when he yells “You’re burning bridges but I’m here to take it back” in the title track, but it’s pretty fun anyway. Finishing off the album is a really punchy recording, helping Watch Your Step’s Taking You Down with Me II come off as a derivative but pretty effective 20 minutes of hardcore.
3 / 5 – Review by: Brian

Rave Magazine
WATCH YOUR STEP – Taking You Down With Me II
Who Goes There?: Hailing from Florence, Italy, Watch Your Step play hardcore for themselves first and the world second. How Goes It?; Taking You Down With Me is a more than solid compendium of short and sweet hardcore tracks that never top three minutes, yet still pack a punch. Filled with Italian riffs that would sound at home in old NYC, this release puts the pedal to the metal from start to finish, leaving you spent and your hardcore fix satisfied for a week. Sounds Like: Internal Affairs / Gorilla Biscuits / Outbreak
3.5 / 5 – Review by: Patrick Perrier

06 Sept 2008

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CAT #: PCD024
Recorded by: Koan Studios, Firenze
Mixed & Mastered by: Daniele Autore @ Box 7 Studios, Roma
Art by: Marcello @ RiseAbove.it

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