This was the hardcore punk split CD of the year! Featuring 3 songs from 5 bands from 5 states of Australia: Away From Now, Hi End Audio, Miles Away, Perish The Thought and The Amity Affliction = making it a sold out must have!
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Bombshell Zine
It’s been talked about for a while, now it has arrived, 5 bands, 5 states, 3 labels, 1 big CD. Each band building up fan bases all around their towns and now with this CD through other states too. Miles Away follow up their awesome EP with 3 even more impressive tracks, this band is gonna be huge. ‘Holding On’ being their standout. Up next is The Amity Affliction, the mix their screaming with melodic vocals not unlike some of the early Irrelevant material, I like the parts much better when they’re singing, it sounds great, a bit like a harder Pilot To Gunner vocal sound, good production too, judging by the picture they’re only really young too, probably good things ahead for this band. Perish The Thought have a much more developed sound from what I have heard in the past, they do melodic hardcore and do it damn well too, lots of backup vocal action, very tidy guitar work and a solid production, these tracks are leaps and bounds better than what i have heard previously, Hi End Audio’s flows well right after Perish, perhaps a touch more melodic, The Struggle For Identity is their best. Closing up is Away From Now, these guys just keep delivering, why they aren’t already huge outside of the southern states is beyond me, listen to this band folks they are awesome, and again these tracks are some of the best I’ve heard from them, the best melodic hardcore band in the country right now, the perfect ending to a corker of a CD. 5 bands with big futures ahead. Own this cd.

Punk N Metal
I highly anticipated this cd, wouldn’t any Australian hardcore fan? A band from each state across Australia bring together three tracks each to release a five way split cd which would have to be one of the best releases this year for Australian hardcore. Five bands and three record labels, from what I have seen this has never done before. Lots of credit to the labels involved, Pee Records, Common Bond Records and Lifetime Records for coming together and making a memorable release. Miles Away (Western Australia) being one of my favourite bands, kick the cd off with their melodic old-school hardcore sound and keep consistent throughout their part of the cd. But I personally think that this is not the boys best, but it is still some great music. Next, we have The Amity Affliction (Queensland) which were a surprise to me. This is first time for me hearing this band, they bring the in the goods. Melodic singing combined with screechy screams and charismatic riffs. They play a punk brand of hardcore, if you are into Poison The Well and From Autumn To Ashes then The Amity Affliction are for you. Six tracks in and we have Perish The Thought (New South Wales). I personally like their older stuff, but their new material for this split is quite a change and is has improvements from their current release. Out of all the great hardcore bands coming out of Adelaide, Hi End Audio were chosen to fill the spot of South Australia on the split. I have heard of them, but not their music up until this cd dropped into my hands. And they couldn’t of made a better choice. To complete the split, Away From Now (Victoria), one of the bands that I expected to dominate the split. Their songs are so diverse and is definitely a highlight in the split. Their sound is subjugated by punk but the hardcore is still there. If you liked their previous cd then you’ll love these three songs. What more could Australia ask for? This is just a taste of what hardcore has in plan for Australia, with cds like this the scene will expand and bands like these will succeed. I just discovered two new bands from this split, if you haven’t heard of any of the bands on this cd then give a try, cause you are sure to find something that’ll you will like. This young fresh talent will definitely rise in this scene. Hopefully, later on another State Of Affairs split will come out, showcasing some more great young talent.
Rating: 4/5

Antivantage #3
The concept behind this 5-way split was to get a bunch of under-rated hardcore bands from around Oz and chuck them all on one cd to raise awareness of their existence. Fits in with my way of thinking pretty perfectly, because that’s pretty much the reason I started Antivantage and the thing that drives me to keep producing issues of this little sucker. On this shiny round disc you will find nothing but the finest hardcore from WA, QLD, NSW, SA and VIC, with Miles Away [Perth] opening strongly to make way for The Amity Affliction [Brisvegas] and Perish The Thought [Sydney]. Talk about leaving the best till last though, with Hi End Audio [Adelaide] following and one of my personal favourites, Away From Now [Melbs] serving up a perfect ending to a great cd. Each band donates three new tracks, so this makes for a warranted addition to any hardcore fan’s cd collection, especially if you’re already a fan of one / some of the bands featured on this 5-way split. The other great thing about State Of Affairs is that it brings the best of three record labels together; Pee, Lifetime and Common Bond. It’s not often that you see a five-way split, and compilations like this with such a worthwhile cause / concept are well worth supporting. Even if you’re not familiar with any of these bands all the more reason to get your hands on it, because they are all fantastic bands in their own right.

Noise Theory
There are so many awesome bands throughout the country now who continually struggle to get recognised outside their local city venues. The people behind the ‘State of Affairs’ split, and the tour held for it’s launch, are doing their bit to break down these state divides. Featuring 5 different bands from 5 different states, this effort spews out 50 minutes of some of the better hardcore music Australia has to offer. First cab off the rank is WA’s very own Miles Away. The band’s CD release earlier in the year gained them a huge amount of interest and has seen them pull off successful East Coast tours as well as playing Hardcore ’04. Their energetic brand of hardcore punk will have you singing along while two-stepping around your bedroom. The Amity Affliction fly the QLD banner on this split. With massive riffs littered with some intricate guitar work and a combined vocal attack of screams and cleanly sung passages, their crushing melodic hardcore style could be seen as a heavier From Autumn To Ashes. NSW is represented by Perish The Thought. Veterans of the split, their last release was alongside Means To An End (now Omerata) and it created quite a stir amongst ears it fell on. Continuing on in the same fashion, the band’s aggressive hardcore sound is laden with gritty guitars, a grooving rhythm section and thoughtful screams. Hi End Audio are playing for SA on this release. The band’s interesting and excitable take on the combination of melody and force sees their 3 donated tracks grab the listeners attention instantly. As many bands fail to do, Hi End Audio manage to pull off the ever-popular inclusion of having melodic vocals layered with agonising screams over the top. VIC’s Away From Now bring a close to proceedings with their fast punk feel. With dirty singing over quick guitar strums and blistering rock beats, these guys bring an end to it all with just as much energy as the split was kicked off with. With labels from 3 different states backing this effort, the overall result symbalises and promotes comradeship between bands and labels alike from all over Australia. With a good range of styles showcased, the State of Affairs split makes for a fun listen and will open your eyes to new talent from your backyard and also across border lines. The Amity Affliction and Hi End Audio are my picks from the split. Support Australian music and grab yourself a copy…
4 Stars
Review By: Andrew

01 Oct 2004

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