Debut 7” EP for new Melbourne fast melodic hardcore band Declaration (now known as Gabaru). Drawing influence from bands such as Sick Of It All, Bane, Good Riddance and Champion, Declaration is a band that is intent on making their presence felt, and their voices heard.
250 x Black Vinyl – SOLD OUT

Idle and the Bear [USA]
DECLARATION – Searching For The Answers 7″
There are two very important things that the band Declaration (Pee Records) have taught me today: 1. Hardcore punk bands from Melbourne consist of members that appear as if they belong in a third wave ska band. 2. Hardcore punk bands from Melbourne have the potential to be fucking awesome, and Declaration are a perfect example of living up to, and then exceeding that potential. ‘Searching For the Answers’ is the debut 7” from Declaration and it’s filled to the brim with melodic hardcore punk excellence. Environmentalists, look no further for your alternative source of energy! Just find a way to extract the pure musical chaos presented by Melbourne hardcore group Declaration and I think we’d probably be all set to power everything on the planet for another hundred years or so…and I think that’s really plenty of time to finish whatever the hell we’re on this planet to be working on. While Declaration’s musical influences may be easily discerned simply by listening to this 7” (Champion, Black Flag, Casey Jones, Municipal Waste, etc.), the listener definitely won’t find themselves mistaking them for any other band. Declaration takes the meat and potatoes of the genre and adds their own flavor to it. And the result is pretty fucking tasty, really. So, do yourself a favor and get your hands on this record, because you’re only hurting yourself by putting it off any longer.

PEE #47
DECLARATION – Searching For The Answers 7″
Melbourne punk/ hardcore band Declaration have dropped their debut 7” and are one of the latest great bands added to the Pee Rec roster. These Vicco lads crank out a fast paced mixture of straight up old school hc blended with 90’s style skate punk. Definitely more so in the hc vein though I must add. Think Sick Of It All, Bold, Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits with a bit of Bane and a bit of 90’s Burning Heart/Bad Taste type stuff thrown in and you got it. This 7” has 5 tracks of short, sharp, sweet and shiny tuneage that goes back to the core of it all. It’s a pretty fast blast that’s over before you know it but in the time your engaged you are dished up some fine, positive hc. Of the four original tracks, opener ‘Searching’ and ‘Missed The Point’ are my pics (if I have to point out highlights that is) and the last track is a cool Kill Your Idols cover of the great track ‘Looking Back’. This is a limited pressing of 250 copies so don’t take your sweet ass time getting hold of one or you are gonna miss out… if by the time you are reading this it’s not already too late that is. No frills, no bullshit stuff from a band I wanna hear more of and would be great to see stick around for a long time yet.
Rating: 90 – Review by: Macca

Black Munk
DECLARATION – Searching For The Answers 7″
Declaration hail from Melbourne and are off to a blistering start. They might be a new band but their members have been around the hardcore scene for a while now, having already played in a handful bands. They come together to “Forget fashion, forget trends. Remember the music, the message and believe in yourself!” Their debut 7” ‘Searching For The Answers’ is out now on Pee Records. ‘Searching For The Answers’ is in the form of five songs that clock in at a total time of nine minutes and twelve seconds. That drop you just heard were the lovers of true hardcore/punk who just drooled a little. The skills these five guys display on songs ‘Missed The Point’ and ‘Courage’, are proof of their experience and make this an impressive debut release. Sure some might say the usual “they aren’t doing anything new…” but does that matter? It would be impossible to find a music fans CD collection that did not have multiple CD’s from bands who sound similar. If a band is honest and they play their music damn good with all of their emotion packed into that recording, than that is all that matters. Declaration’s debut 7” ‘Searching For The Answers’ leaves the listener with cravings that will not be satisfied till they hear a full-length album. Fast, melodic hardcore with meaning is what they deliver and is definitely a package that will not have Return To Sender stamped on top. Rating: 7/10

News Hit
DECLARATION – Searching For The Answers 7″
Long for the days when hardcore was a musical style and not just a bastardised fashion trend? Well, the latest 7-inch from South Australia based label Pee Records could be just what you have been waiting for. Searching For The Answers is the debut release from Melbourne-based punk rock outfit Declaration, and just one spin is sure to be enough to get fans of ’90s-era hardcore groups like Good Riddance and Bane hooked. Cramming five songs into nine minutes, Searching For The Answers is a furious ride from start to finish. Opening with a deceptively melodious bass guitar line, Searching is the perfect introduction to the EP; in its short playtime of 90 seconds, the track’s galloping drums and blistering guitar arpeggios showcase both the group’s impeccable sense of timing and their immaculate instrumental tightness. Courage and The Opposition prove to be just as relentlessly visceral, each further hammering home Declaration’s straight forward yet endearingly enjoyable approach to punk rock. With Side A completed, it wouldn’t have been a surprise at all if Searching For The Answers’ final two tracks had followed in the same suit as its first three; however, this is where things just start to get interesting. Missed The Point begins with a somewhat restrained and palm-muted riff before Declaration once again take off at full throttle. What distinguishes the track however is its use of gang vocals, which first drive the song’s chorus before serving as the centre point for its powerful outro. Similarly, the EP’s closer Looking Back is markedly enhanced by the rather more sparse instrumentation of its second half, ultimately proving that the group are capable of more than just one minute blasts of rage. In an age where hardcore, metal and emo seem to have largely become interchangeable in the mainstream music industry, it is nice to see that there are still groups out there like Declaration keeping the fire burning. With a distinctively ’90s flavour and an incredibly tight sense of musical precision, Searching For The Answers is a promising debut from these Melbourne natives; if they manage to replicate this intensity live, I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from them in the future. Review by: Matthew Woodward

Chucking A Mosh
DECLARATION – Searching For The Answers 7″
As we all know there are many key ingredients to chucking a good mosh, and Melbournes Declaration are covering all bases with their debut release Searching for Answers. After hearing that some of the members of the once Gazelle bearing Procedure 286, were starting a new band i was always going to be keen to hear what the boys might come up with. This 5 track record gets straight to the point, opening with aggressive bass tone and driving vocals. Singing with a controlled urgency, the vocals defiantly stand out as a highlight on this record. Referring back to my opening statement, the masses of gang vocals throughout this recording will have you rushing to your bedroom to find out your mosh shorts and work on your stage dives. The combination of the fast drums and faster guitars cut through the mix perfectly, and the octave chords are so pretty you’ll want to show your girlfriend. This record isnt breaking any boundaries, but who needs to break boundaries when your making sick sounding records. As a relatively new band Declaration are still in the early days of playing shows, but from the few they have played so far, the experience of all members is shining though to provide a show full of energy and usually plenty of Adams messages about his love of the hardcore scene and family. Searching For Answers is available now on Pee Records. Rating: 22/28 days

11 March 2011

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CAT #: PV003
Recorded & Mixed by: Julian Renzo @ Legion Studio Productions
Mastered by: Alan Douches @ West West Side
Artwork by: Pete Pee

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