Limited edition Split 7″ featuring SAFE HANDS (Newcastle) and VANITY (Perth). The east meets west coast split serves as a precursor to both of their forthcoming albums with each band delivering 2 outstanding hardcore tracks a side.
200 x White Vinyl with Grey Splatter – SOLD OUT
100 x Black Vinyl – SOLD OUT


Kill Your Stereo
There really is nothing more beautiful than two local independent labels coming together to put out a limited edition vinyl release featuring two of Australia’s promising up and comers. Pee Records and Arrest Records have done exactly that pulling together Safe Hands from Newcastle and Vanity from Perth who each offer up two tracks to give people a sample of what to expect from their upcoming albums. First up we have Safe Hands who have clearly already mastered the abrasive, live style hardcore of groups like Defeater and Letlive, using earthy, less-than-heavy guitar tones delivered in a way that still offers aggression but with plenty of clarity. The vocals are where the real mayhem comes in, especially on the first track ‘Forest’ in which all of the instruments are locked in and perfectly in sync, still able to swing into moments of chaos when needed. Second track ‘Somnabulance’ features some softer moments and clean vocals, which while still on point, aren’t as effective as the explosion that is the track’s predecessor. The Vanity songs don’t have the same body and effect as the Safe Hands ones. First track ‘At The Brink’ takes a more punk rock approach to hardcore with the guitars acting as the main power behind the sound whilst the frantic drums hold the wheel. Second track ‘Dead Exit’ slows the pace down but provides more of an assault with its chugging guitars and abrasive vocals, easily the stand out of the two Vanity songs, with good use of room recorded vocals as well. CONCLUSION: This east meets west split release is a great way to check out some new local hardcore that you may not have heard of whilst also being a nice taste of what both bands may have in store for their upcoming full lengths.
Rating: 70 – Review by: LUKEC

No Heroes Mag #19
Having each released debut EP’s through independent labels, it was inevitable that good friends Safe Hands and Vanity would look to each other for a split 7-inch of chaotic guitar flipping, hand standing, head banding metalcore. Safe Hands from Newcastle continue to progress their Fear Before The March Of Flames/Chariot flurry with two songs which suggest great things for their debut album in 2013. Vanity provide a more intense heavy prospect channeling Converge and Rise And Fall among thier metallic hardcore acrobatics. Both bands have delivered two tracks of gold and while this isn’t enough to satisfy my hunger for jumping off stuff, it is a great precursor to a big 2013 for each band.
Rating: 3.5/5 – Review by: Oliver Cation

PEE #49
How fitting that Pee Records and Arrest Records would pair these two amazing local outfits for a no doubt awesome 7” Split EP. Newcastle’s Safe Hands released what is by far my favourite Pee Records release ‘Oh The Humanity’ back in 2011, with their chaotic approach on something not unlike that of The Chariot, early Norma Jean, Converge, or now defunct bands The Jon Benet or The Deadly. Perth’s Vanity delivered an amazing and impressive ‘Hitting Home’ EP in 2010, followed by the equally intense and impressive 2011 release ‘A Thousand Feuds’. Starting with the SH side; this band never ceases to amaze me. Standing so far apart from what so many local bands are spewing forth these days, Safe Hands continue to produce and deliver their chaotic, yet meticulous brand of hardcore / punk / rock with pure conviction. ‘Somnambulance’ is a track full of razor sharp riffs, lifting bass lines, pummelling drums and intricate and subtle melodies. Vocal harmonies in contrast to front man Dizzy’s general guttural scream, adds so much depth and emotion, it is hard not to be enveloped in this bands mammoth sound. ‘Forest’, the bands second offering, is more of the same but with an almost Dillinger Escape Plan-esque approach. More chaotic than the previous track, this’ll sit you down and have you in awe of odd time signatures, shredding riffs with overlaying high end melodies and aggressive vocals. Very few bands of this genre pull this off with intense depth and substance… Safe Hands do it perfectly! Vanity follow with their 2 track contribution and immediately you’re drawn to comparisons to the other side of the 7”… Don’t do it… Vanity is more on the Converge end of the scale, a little less melodic and meticulous than Safe Hands and deserve nothing but your undivided attention. Both bands are amazing for their own reasons. Opening with ‘At The Brink’, this band just shovel chaotic metal inspired post-hardcore / punk with mammoth riffs and a battering wall of bass and drums. Vocally, it is intense…sheer screams and ounces of emotion layered over a slab of engineered mayhem. Track 2 ‘Dead Exit’ is immense… I can’t think of any other word to describe it. It begins and builds through the length of the track almost ending with a sludge or stoner-esque barrage. In fact I would love to hear these guys incorporate a little more doom and sludge into their already amazing sound. In all, I expect nothing less from these two bands. Their individual releases are sensational and to have both on a vinyl split is a pure gift. The vinyl loses none of the substance and depth and only compliments the amazing character of each band. This is a must have and it is awesome to see both bands supporting Norma Jean on their Aussie tour… Much deserved!
Rating: 100 – Review by: John MEANtime

01 Nov 2012

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CAT #: PV004
Safe Hands Recorded & Mixed by: Mat Taylor @ Scabbey Road Studios
Mastered by: Simon Struthers @ Forensic Studios
Vanity Recorded & Mixed by: Jay Huxtable & Matthew Templeman @ Oracle Studios
Mastered by: Simon Struthers @ Forensic Studios

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