Debut EP from Perth punks The Restless Words that serves up frantic melodic punk the way it should be served – heartfelt and passionate. For fans of Strung Out.
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THE RESTLESS WORDS – Lights On St. George
The Restless Words came to the attention of many when they won Triple J’s Taste of Chaos competition in 2006. One person who paid attention it would appear was Pete Pee, who subsequently released their debut EP via his Adelaide-based indie punk label Pee Records. Not a bad decision either, as there’s plenty to like about this Perth [five] piece. The guys certainly know how to dial and capture to tape a gnarly sound, as evidenced by the metallic crunch of songs such as “Population of Ghosts” and “Unsaid”. Elsewhere, drummer Walter Johnson provides a cracking rhythmic backbone while vocalist Joel Woolerson lends the whole affair a healthy sense of urgency. If straight-forward melodic punk rock in the vein of bands such as Strung Out and Pulley is your deal, you could do a lot worse than pick this up.
Rating: 7/10 Review by: GC

THE RESTLESS WORDS – Lights On St. George
Hailing from WA, these guys play a technical melodic punk / rock type sound, that not enough bands do these days. Similar to fellow Perth outfit Change Of Face, these guys sound like they would give off an energetic live show, very guitar driven, backed by a solid vocal sound, thankfully no annoying screaming to ruin things either, 10 points there. 7 tracks on offer here, solid form start to finish, a very refreshing listen. If you dig the likes of Strung Out then chances are this one will be up your alley. Hopefully they can get out on the road and strut their stuff to the rest of the country. A name to definitly look out for. Pick it up if you see it, only downside is the choice of font in the booklet, hello sore eyes!

THE RESTLESS WORDS – Lights On St. George
What do you get when you take, the suburbs of Perth, raise 5 guys up in there, hand them instruments and say ‘go’? Well, you’ll either get Rove McManus Sing’s The 70’s, or you’ll get The Restless Words. And my God I hope Rove doesn’t release an album now. Melodic punk, is where we are with The Restless Words. Forming under the name Evolved a few years back, the name change has not changed the music, we’re promised. Well, they’ve certainly delivered on that promise. If you’ve heard of these guys before, it probably would have something to do with the feature action they got from Triple J, and playing Taste Of Chaos (I think they won the Taste of Chaos show through Triple J, not certain though). A festival they would, I imagine fit right in at, although while there’s a lot of what gets called emo at such an event, The Restless Words are firmly rooted in punk rock, but with a softer sound, proving you don’t always have to sound A) like you wish you were Iggy Pop, or B) Like you wish you were Robert Smith’s punk rock little brother. This finds a happy medium. The only problem I can find with this album is that, like a lot of sounds, if it isn’t new to you, it isn’t going to be all that special to you. It’s melodic punk/hardcore exactly as its always done. Enjoyable, but standard.

07 April 2007

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CAT #: PCD016
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by:
Aiden Barlow @ Sovereign Studios

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