Brilliant debut EP from Adelaide melodic rock quartet Line Of Departure. A blend of intense Aussie melodic rock with a healthy dose of punk bite.
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Track List:
1. Ixora
2. Conscience And Reality
3. Hope Springs
4. No Competition
5. In A Naught

Bombshell Zine
From the breeding ground of Adelaide comes a name you would’ve seen around the gig guides, constantly playing their home state, now comes the EP release time. Featuring ex-members of various Adelaide acts, there’s no messing around finding the ropes, and working with Darren Thompson, who’s building up a solid list of credits lately on production would’ve helped as well. The result, a solid 5 tracks of powerful melodic rock in the vein of Staying At Home, Thinktank etc but with a touch of their own added on top. Vocals are strong throughout and the production is sweet, there’s nothing thrown in to be cool, nor is anything overdone, just good solid melodic rock, lets hope these guys dont fall victim to that Adelaide curse that tends to see bands break up far earlier than they should, their best is yet to come.

Mixdown Magazine
Ixora is an emotively-stained release ala Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music with some solid indie-styled histrionics with philosophical lyrical approach. Tracks Ixora, Conscience and Reality and No Competition stand out and the album is out through stand out local label Pee Records.

HardcoreSounds – Finland
This melodic punk/hardcore band has gotten the saticfaction they were after in the release of their EP, ‘Ixora’ which was released in mid 2005. ‘Line Of Departure’ the four piece group from south australia, I believe will soon be amongst the stages of supporting major bands while their music still is growing. While ‘Ixora’ will set things up for ‘Line Of Departure’ the music they produce will only get better. With this EP even though it only has five tracks, it still goes on exploring a combination of slow and fast songs, and great lyrical writing between Kyle and Adrian, should promise the band some kind of a bright future. With the occasional screaming and catchy tunes people like to hear, ‘Line Of Departure’ is looking good, and soon to be in the spotlight.
For fans of genres in punk/rock/emo/hardcore. Truly a fantastic band in the making. I love it!
Posted by: deadm1ne on 2006-01-30
Rating: 4 / 5

Adelaide Bands
Line of Departure released their debut EP ‘IXORA’ through respected indie label Pee Records in November 2005. There are 5 tracks in total with songwriting credits going to the whole band, a truly collective effort. From the opening track, it’s clear that Line of Departure have full command of their edgy melodic-rock genre. ‘Ixora’ is the opener and it powers along with solid playing from the rhythm section, which provides the perfect support for the driving guitars and impassioned vocals. ‘Ixora’ has some serious lyrics too: You turn away at days refrain Shallow hearts aren’t forgiving Enemies locked inside Bitter child follows behind Track 2, ‘Conscience and Reality’ launches in with some primal double-kick drumming and bass, followed by more driving guitars. Vocals enter with a scream then shift straight back to a strong melodic line. It’s a great effect. Track 3, ‘Hope Springs’ pulls back the pace a little, but still has an urgent perpetual motion underlying it. Again the features are concise melodic phrasing and catchy guitar and bass riffs. The pace changes again with track 4, ‘No Competition’. It comes straight in with an up-tempo rock feel then drops back only to take off once more. It’s quite a ride. The last track, ‘In a Naught’, is also pretty much full steam ahead, but it too has great dynamic contrasts. In fact, these dynamic contrasts are a feature of every track on ‘IXORA’. It makes for interesting song structures and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into them. Line of Departure are a hard working band and their debut EP ‘IXORA’ is a credit to their dedication and focus.

07 Nov 2005

CAT #: PCD009
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Darren Thompson @ Soundhouse & Third Avenue Studios
Artwork by: Nigel Black

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