Limited edition debut 7” EP from our Finnish punk rock quartet Part Time Killer. “Fuck The World” serves up four tracks of fast melodic punk rock for fans of Bad Religion and that mid 90’s punk sound!
250 x Black Vinyl : SOLD OUT

Remember when Guttermouth were still putting out good snotty punk / pop albums like ‘Gorgeous’? The Vandals weren’t hiding in whatever cave they’re in, and fast, catchy punk rock was as common as spots on a cow? This EP is picking up from that era, and it’s damn exciting. Limited edition 7″ format is what this one comes in, and there probably isn’t too many left now, well there doesn’t deserve to be anyway, it should be heard, and you should get your hands on a copy quick stix. They come from Finland and they do it better than the yanks do. The title track is enough to kick start any party and ‘Kill ‘Em All’ will ensure no-one leaves. ‘Rise Against’ sounds like something that would be the end result of Bad Religion and Guttermouth hooking up & springing out a kid. ‘Your Life Story’ wraps things up in furious fashion. Straight back to track one for another listen. Only a handful made it to Australia, take one of them [Here] for a tenner. VERDICT : It rules, get your hands on it before it’s gone – 9/10 – WORDS BY : Bomber

PEE #46
Finnish punk quartet Part Time Killer delivers a 7” featuring four tracks clocking in at almost 10 minutes. The PTK boys definitely went quality over quantity here as each song is pretty tops. For the uninitiated, PTK plays a mid-90s melodic punk with lots of harmonies and catchy choruses, in the vein of No Use For A Name, H2O, 88 Fingers Louie and even very early Propagandhi at times. The opening title track is still my pick and gets things moving along nicely, leading into the catchy “Your Life Story”. The more melodic “Kill ‘Em All” finishes with some great gang vocals while closing track “Rise Against” has a great Pennywise feel to it without being a clone. If you grew up with the aforementioned bands like I did, this 7” is worth your cash. Don’t stress if you don’t own a turntable, “Fuck The World” comes with a free download coupon so you can rip your own CD version. Get on it.
Rating: 90 – Review By: No Show

Over the past couple of years, South Australia’s Pee Records has been steadily establishing itself as a bastion of quality independent music. Specialising in both hardcore and melodic punk rock, the label has made a name for itself by consistently putting out high quality releases from bands like Damn The Empire, Bad Day Down and Driven Fear. What makes Pee Records really stand out from the crowd however is their peculiar ability to sign talented international groups apparently at will that Australian audiences would otherwise not be exposed to. Point in case, Finland’s Part Time Killer; rising from the ashes of the defunct Flippin’ Beans in 2008, Pee Records somehow managed to snap the band up for the release of their debut 7 inch, Fuck The World. With a style comprising equal parts 80’s hardcore and 90’s skatepunk, this is a brief yet promising debut from Part Time Killer that is hopefully a good indicator of things to come from the group. The EP’s frenetic opening title track rips by in just over a minute and a half, displaying not only the group’s strong Bad Religion and Adolescents style backing harmonies but also Eppu’s dominating drum work. While lyrically simplistic, a catchy melody ensures that the track stays firmly planted in the listeners mind long after the vinyl has finished spinning. Next up is the longer and more complex “Kill ‘Em All”, another lightning paced song that mixes things up instrumentally with some very Lagwagon-esque stopping and starting. Just breaking the three minute mark, the track is the EP’s longest and possibly its centrepiece. Fuck The World’s B-sides continue to build upon Part Time Killers’ mix of hardcore and melody, most notably on “Your Life Story”. Built around a simple but punishing chordal riff, Eppu’s drumming once again comes to the fore during a well placed mid-track breakdown. The song also features some of the band’s best lyrics and singing, with both gang vocals and multi-part harmonies being deployed throughout. At just over two minutes long, the track is overall a success because it manages to be both interesting and concise. Showcasing four tracks in ten minutes, Fuck The World whips by quickly but enjoyably. With an upcoming full length from the group promised by Pee Records in early 2011, fans of both skatepunk and melodic hardcore should definitely check out this 7 inch. Strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, buyers are also provided with a digital download link to make sure that the EP can be listened to everywhere and not just on your grandpa’s broken down record player. Review by: Matthew Woodward

Dying Scene
Hands up. Who else got a little teary back in 2007 when Flippin’ Beans called it day? I have no shame in admitting that I did. Luckily, a drummer named Eppu showed up to remind the members of how awesome it was to be in a punk rock band and Part Time Killer was formed. If like me, it feels like you’ve been waiting forever for the release of their 7 inch, Fuck The World, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. While not straying too far from the path that the Beans had already paved, the new release from Part Time Killer stands on its own as one of, if not, the best 7 inch released in 2010. There, I said it. In four short songs, they’ve delivered a shining example of short, fast, tight, take no prisoners punk rock. The 7 inch has everything. In a minute and half title track Fuck The World’s fast drumming, furious power chords and consistent gang vocals demanding ideas and action to save the planet makes a persuasive case for this EP’s brilliance. Drummer Eppu, runs the entirety of Your Life Story with mind-blowing stroke rolls. It’s some of the finest and fastest punk drumming you’ll ever hear. Which makes me pose the question, how does someone so skinny make beats so phat? Kill ‘em All is politically charged with oodles of guitar-driven energy to back it up. It’s the slowest track yet maintains enough pace to keep a mosh pit in the rafters. Honestly, slower would be a better description than slowest. Finally, the release comes to a close with Rise Against. The cut is a complete lyrical attack against both Rise Against and AFI and the scene that surrounds both bands in general. ‘It’ll come from your heart, not what you wear’, is the lyric that sums up the song perfectly. Limited to only 300 pressings world-wide, any punk would be a fool not to own this. I bought two. Hopefully, the wait for their next release won’t be as long as it was for this one because I have no doubt that the needle is going to wear through this piece of vinyl in a matter of weeks through heavy rotation. The release is available through some of the world’s best independent labels including Toy Bomb and Pee Records. Buy it now, but head on over to their MySpace page while you wait for it to arrive. Seriously. Do it. NOW!

16 August 2010

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CAT #: PV001
Recorded by: James Balderstone @ Capital Sound
Mixed by: James Balderstone @ Twin Earth

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