This highly acclaimed debut EP for Canadian punks YOUTHINASIA was our first foreign release. The EP has long since sold out and was a must for fans of Bigwig, Lagwagon, Nerf Herder, NUFAN and the Fat Wreck sound.
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The first impression a CD gives you comes from the cover. Sometimes the cover pushes you away as you think its boring, cliché, or just plain stupid; then there are others that grab your attention and make you look at it even further. This is incredibly useful if you are a lesser known band like Youthinasia. Their cover for their latest EP, E.P., gives you a very good first impression. Mocking the hit movie E.T. they have a van and trailer flying across a bright moon. Its a classic cover that would grab anyone’s attention as they walk by the punk rock aisle in their local CD store.Luckily, you aren’t let down at all once you get past the first impression and actually listen to the CD. The 6 song EP is just over 16 minutes and is full of quick, catchy, melodic, punk rock songs. The production isn’t silky smooth like a lot of CDs you hear, its a little grungy and do it yourself style, which makes for a nice change in pace. The vocals are catchy, although a little squeaky at times; they are raw and real, not fake and mastered like a lot of bands we see. They poke fun at today’s music scene with The Solution and Same Song, tell a story about a woman who escapes a domestic abuse to move on to prosper independently in Crossing Over and talk about growing up with Jimmy Beaner. The music is just like any upcoming band. Quick, tight, and nothing too complex. The songs are always catchy and fun to listen to, its an EP you can listen to over and over again. The best part of the CD comes around a minute thirty in, where they stop singing Jimmy Beaner and Jarvis starts saying “Accept The Fact That One Day You’ll Be An Adult, You’ll Grow Ugly And Eventually Be Put In The Earth. Some you love will die. Britney Spears won’t sleep with you. There’s a good possibility your dreams won’t fully materialized. We were born equal and born into inequality. What if I brain wash a hundred of you? You’d call it a cult, let’s say I brain wash ten million of you, I’d call it a society.” All because it is so abrupt, it catches your attention and makes the already great song, even better.Youthinasia’s E.P. is a good melodic punk rock album. It reminds you of what small bands are up to, its not overly polished or fake. Its real and raw, and easy to listen to over and over again.
For a flashback down Fat Wreck drive, circa late 90’s check out Youthinasia. A bunch of Canadian’s that sound like a mix of No Use For A Name, Lagwagon and all those bands that had the trademark Fat sound. It’s pop punk, before the definition of pop punk seemed to be changed to suit cornball pop. Fast, melodic, catchy choruses, plenty of singalong parts in the six tracks on offer. A solid vocalist leads the punchy sound the band delivers, tidy guitar work too, check the solo on ‘One More Drink To Down The Drugs’, i think it’s been far too long since someone unleashed a ripper like that one. ‘The Solution’ is probably the most instantly memorable track, but they all have their high points. Well worth a listen, brings back memories.

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Once and a while I wonder why I’m doing all this, and then a CD like this one drops in my mailbox. Check out the Canadian band YOUTHINASIA, who on May 25th released their sophomore work entitled “E.P.”, produced by Justin Koop (Billy Talent, Finger 11, Silverstein). You can listen or download the first track of this EP at, although personally I prefer the next few songs of the EP. Melodic punkrock still is my favorite thing I guess.

20 Jan 2005

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CAT #: PCD006

Recorded at: Westside Studios, Burlington
Songs 4,5 Recorded at: Cherry Beach Sounds, Toronto
Produced by: Justin Koop & Youthinasia.
Mixed & Mastered by: Justin Koop @ Westside Studios
Artwork by: Mark Teslak, Brad Moore.

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