The debut for Adelaide punks Vice Pirate delivers frantic paced punk rock packaged in a recycled cardboard gatefold wallet. ‘With it’s roots in hardcore, post-hardcore and pop-punk, but remaining uncommitted to each style it’s a refreshing mix of style and passion’. Looks, feels and sounds awesome! For fans of Strung Out, Rise Against, Smoke Or Fire.
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BLUNT Issue #67
VICE PIRATE – Discovering The Origin of Language
One of the best Pee Records releases yet, VICE PIRATE are a ‘punk rock band’ from Adelaide with enough melody to be likeable but also enough technicality and discordant chords to meet the demands of punk kids looking for more substance. While I don’t think this will be on everyone’s favourite list, it should be, because this is a demonstration of what passionate music is about. This CD is undeniably Australian – think Away From Now and Daysworth Fighting – mixed in with a bit of Hot Cross. From start to finish this CD keeps you interested and guessing for all the right reasons.
Rating: 7/10 – Review by: LC

VICE PIRATE – Discovering The Origin of Language
I reckon a few years ago these guys were listening to The Movielife, a lot. Not a bad thing of course, because they have been one of the most underrated bands in the last decade and no-one has really tried to continue on the sounds they left us. Well these Adelaide lads seem to borrow some of those ideas and crush them into their punk / hardcore style that’s laid down on this 7 track EP. If you like your punk rock fast, loaded with frantic vocals and a little left of the same old chords then check these guys out. The EP is a nice mix of tunes, no two sounding the same as the band isn’t afraid to dabble around with ideas to give them a sound rarely heard from an Aussie band.
Rating: 4/5

Sic Zine [USA]
VICE PIRATE – Discovering The Origin of Language
Vice Pirate has a very interesting background to their name; essentially vice pirates was the term used for the idellwiss pirates who were a group of revolutionaries in nazi Germany who spread banned material and literature that spook out against the atrocities of the nazi regime. Eventually they all got hung for treason. Now that is a truly fitting name for a punk minded band, never back down from your beliefs, even in the face of death. So with such a sweet name they have a set the bar high for this listener. Luckily these Adelaide, Australian natives deliver some extremely powerful and memorable punk rock that you could compare to the likes of Moneen, NOFX, and Gallows. But there is even more to be found here from this four piece. This is not your standard punk rock band, they list The Mars Volta and At The Drive In as major influences because as the band says, they are bands that you can’t simply lump into any one genre and these guys show on this 7 song EP that they are not willing to align themselves within any one niche. And that is certainly refreshing. I am very impressed with the quality of the recording, everything sounds so crystal clear, you can hear every note ring out in its entirety. There are different kinds of effects used throughout the disc but it’s sparingly so it doesn’t take away from the music itself. The bass tone is really lush and has plenty of room to breath in the mix. The guitar tone is nice and bright with a slight touch of distortion. The layout is printed on recycled cardboard sleeve (which I’m always a fan of) with an image of a man staring out at the distance with a rainbow crossing his vision, that rainbow dominates the backside and is used to display the lyrics. My only gripe is that there isn’t a lyric sheet included. I mean you can easily make out what the vocalist is saying but still, it’d be nice ya know? Songs Worthy of Replay: Fuck The Green Mile, I’ll Do It Myself and Forged Conviction Synopsis: Got a lot more than I was expecting. The seven songs fly by faster than you’d like, leaving you wanting more. The song writing is exceptional and has a memorable quality, there’s sweet bass lines, atmospheric layering, and soothing vocals. I would love to hear these guys on a full length!
Rating: 4/5 – Review by: Jeff Karbow

08 Dec 2007

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CAT #: PCD019
Recorded by: Jay Illman @ The Fish Shop
Mastered by: Neville Clark @ Disk Edits
Artwork by: Tristan Barlow & Alex Harris

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