Time Has Come bring their own brand of heavy hardcore to a genre that some complain has been allowed to stagnate in Australia of late. Recorded with Adam Merker at Studio Anders Debeers who successfully captured the energy they bring to the stage, and featuring original artwork by USA’s Bill Hauser (Bane, Energy) For fans of Throwdown, Hatebreed and The Ghost Inside.
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BLUNT Issue #89
TIME HAS COME – Disaster Zone
Pee Records has traditionally been the home of So-Cal style Aussie punk rock, so it was a tad surprising to hear a barrage of down-tuned riffing spew forth from the speakers. Like The Acacia Strain – and to a lesser extent, Californian crew Stick To Your Guns – Time Has Come dabble in the kind of chugging mosh metal that is capable of clearing dance floors from Melbourne to Massachusetts. This may not sound particularly impressive for those not down with this brand of noise, but it will definitely induce a few bouts of pit-related madness for fans of the genre. Although there isn’t a whole lot of variety throughout the EP’s eight tracks, tunes like “Flashback” and “Short And Sharp” are delivered with more than enough gusto to push Time Has Come to the top of the local heap.
Rating: 3/5 – Review by: Timothy North

World’s Appreciated Kitsch [Greece]
TIME HAS COME – Disaster Zone
Time Has Come is one of the newest additions to the Pee Records roster. They come from Brisbane, Australia, and ‘Disaster zone’ is their 2nd release, following up their self-titled EP back in 2008. So, Time Has Come offer 8 songs of brutal / heavy / metallic hardcore fueled with breakdowns, double-bass drumming, a few 2 step parts, a voice a la Jamey Jasta and gang back vocals. If you like bands like Hatebreed, early Throwdown, Stick To Your Guns and Bury Your Dead, you’ll probably get nuts with Time Has Come! It’s not my cup of tea, but it’s heavy and catchy, so I guess it’ll be well-accepted by the majority of the metallic hardcore scene! Nothing ground-breaking, but youwon’t get bored while listening to them. The artwork kicks ass; Bill Hauser, who has worked with Bane and Energy, is responsible for it! A very short review, don’t you think?!

TIME HAS COME – Disaster Zone
Brisbane has their fair share of hardcore bands. So for one to stand out from the pack means they must be doing something right. Time Has Come have recently released their debut EP ‘Disaster Zone’ out on Pee Records. ‘Disaster Zone’ starts off with the title track, which lives up to its brutal name…’Disaster Zone’. Their EP is filled with early Bury Your Dead, Wish For Wings and The Ghost Inside influenced music. ‘Flashback’ and ‘Shepherd’ are two songs that hardcore fans won’t be able to control themselves from throwing down. Then there is their song ‘Lest We Forget’ which shows some promising potential during its short existence. Time Has Come make it no secret what style of music they like to play…heavy and pissed off. ‘Disaster Zone’ contains 8 songs that stay destructive from start to finish. Time Has Come are unquestionably off to a promising start. They are a band that make you want to rush at out to see their upcoming show. If you take the time to search and pick through all the bands out there, you will without a doubt find a band worth all that effort. Time Has Come emerge to be that band you may be searching for. Recommended Song ‘Flashback’
Rating: 7/10

PEE #45
TIME HAS COME – Disaster Zone
How time flies. It was only in the last issue of Pee that I had the pleasure of reviewing this bands impressive self titled EP, and Time Has Come have only improved tenfold since. Now a part of the Pee Records camp, and a fitting inclusion at that, Time Has Come have released a sensational debut for their new label. ‘Disaster Zone’ is further proof that this 5-piece out of Brisbane are not here to mess about or be screwed with. There are 8 huge tracks on this release and all display maturity and immense development since the bands last. Opening with ‘Disaster Zone’, it is evident that if you are into bands such as Confession, Bury Your Dead, The Ghost Inside and Dead Kings, then you will take a liking to this. Musically, Time Has Come is devastating, with shuddering breakdowns leading to slightly melodic, driving rhythms and some impressive riffs and timing. Track 2 ‘Flashback’ is blistering in comparison, highlighting the subtle melodics and Grant’s guttural and assertive vocals. The production on ‘Disaster Zone’ is superb, with every part of the band sounding as brutal and dominate as the other and every now and then there are some amazing grooves, as in track 3 ‘Red Handed’. The standout track by far is ‘Through My Eyes’. This track is relentless in every way, passionate and featuring some great vocal arrangements. Time Has Come have come a long way in such a short time and they appear musically as a band not bothered by trends and what’s popular, just interested in producing heavy hardcore and delivering it as best they can. In addition to the music, also making ‘Disaster Zone’ a must have package is the amazing artwork of US illustrator Bill Hauser. This guys work is amazing and can also been seen on the covers of Bane and Energy releases, amongst others. It is obvious how critical some people can be in producing a professional looking release and all involved must be credited for this beauty… this is impressive.
Rating: 90 – Review by: John MEANtime

18 Dec 2009

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CAT #: PCD033
Recorded by: Adam Merker @ Studio Anders Debeers
Mastered by: Diablo Mastering Studios
Artwork by: Bill Hauser

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