Swedish hardcore quintet CEDRON follow up their 2012 EP with the release of their debut full length “Chased By Shades” which delivers intense metallic hardcore in the vein of Bring Me The Horizon and Refused. Special Australian Tour Edition features 2 bonus tracks** packaged in a Digipak all for the price of an EP! facebook.com/cedronband
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CEDRON – Chased By Shades
The first minute of Swedish band Cedron’s record is misleadingly slow, really emphasising the old-school hardcore elements of their sound. The rest of the record is frickin’ nitro-powered, but still has, undeniably, no-frills hardcore at its heart. Having said that, the guitar sound is such that even post-rock fans (extremely ferocious ones) may find something to like here, as things build to towering, icy monoliths that Sigur Ros might be proud of. More generally though, fans of Kvelertak (let’s keep everything Scandinavian) will certainly enjoy this. Review by: Chris Cobcroft

OX Fanzine #112 [Germany]
CEDRON – Chased By Shades
Compare CEDRON with BRING ME THE HORIZON and lie not even probably wrong . Because without the whole light show and sample Hoax stay with the former first boy band of the metal cores now passable melodic- metallic hardcore pop songs . CEDRON from the far north of Sweden it was lining up probably sometime too stupid breakdowns, which is why they are also referred to this newer brand of Metalcore , often misnamed Melodic Hardcore have prescribed . The listeners expect metallic riffs, partially enriched by the second guitar flat to a little reverb, partial grooving in unison . What CEDRON but it differs from many other congeners , the courage to change tempo without ever pointless to take your foot completely off the accelerator to give the listener live some time to mosh . So the pace is always at the top and the focus remains more on the very appealing performance by singer Anton Larsson. A tendency to overproduction and exaggerated pathos remains not be dismissed out of hand , but who nevertheless so imaginative writes songs in a genre so exhausted , the is the forgiven . Little Fun Fact alongside : The record will be released on the Australian label Pee Records , which is why the band was on the road even in Australia.
Rating: 7/10 – Review by: Julius Lensch

Kill Your Stereo
CEDRON – Chased By Shades
Sweden’s Cedron are following up their debut EP with a hard hitting full-length that is bound to raise this group’s profile significantly. The reason why ‘Chased By Shades’ will do this can be explained quite simply with the record’s second track, ‘Built Of Roaches’, a song that combines the aggression and pace of hardcore, the guitar tones and styles of post-rock and an overall infectious energy. There are straight up hardcore moments like ‘Lost Woods’ that stick pretty close to the rules of the genre but there is a separation in the sound that clears and defines what each instrument is doing, giving space but still being cohesive and heavy. The group include moments of deviation, such as the mellow and haunting introduction to ‘Sovstad’, which features a young girl doing her best to creep you out. The tortured sounds that follow lend themselves to the overall lyrical themes of the record, which are pretty desolate. Cedron do not view the world as a very positive place, speaking mainly of the corrupt workings of society and within themselves as well. ‘Pavement Cemetery’ is another moment of deviation, which is a true highlight, channeling a sound similar to the likes of Defeater. The group tone down the distortion and use delayed guitar riffs to create an atmospheric feel with rolling drums and gritty, near spoken word vocals. Being the lucky Australians that we are, we score a couple of bonus tracks in the form of the brutal haze of punk rock that is ‘Rumours’ and the building, swirling poetry of ‘Goodnight Luna’, without which the record would seem a little too short. So sucked in, rest of the world. Summary. Sweden knows their hardcore. CONCLUSION: Cedron have offered up some decent down-the-line hardcore on their debut but with enough points of difference and genre change additions thrown in to keep things interesting. ‘Chased By Shades’ is like a handshake with a strong grip as the band introduce themselves to the world.
Rating: 85 – Review by: Luke C

01 Nov 2013

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Recorded & Mixed by: Dennis Bertilsson

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