International punk split CD featuring our own Burning Fiction and Part Time Killer with Italian quintet Jet Market. Features 4 exclusive tracks from each band: 3 bands, 12 tracks and 35 minutes of melodic punk for just 10 bucks. For fans of Bodyjar, Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, Satanic Surfers and Bad Religion.
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REVIEWS: [Canada]
Pee Records has made quite a name for itself for a minor independent label based out of Australia. Mostly known for bands featuring an authentic blend of hardcore and punk, the label also houses some notable melodic talent – but these group’s are often overshadowed; or at least until now. In a move that will undoubtedly promote their growing identity, the label has released a three way split featuring the melodic skate-punk styling of long time resident Burning Fiction, and newcomers Jet Market and PartTime Killer. The result is a twelve track disc serving up enough melodic fury to turn the heads of anyone who thought they knew what Pee Records was about. Burning Fiction kicks things into high gear early on, flashing their metal-guided chords with furious fingers that would make Strung Out proud. Ever since first reviewing their breakout disc, Do Not Touch, the band’s combination of technicality, speed, and backing harmonies made them quick to stand out as my personal favourite on the label’s growing roster. These four tracks make good on their promise, measuring up to their already high standard. Highlights include the layers upon layers of gang sections, escalation, and the extra guitar flare of “In All Our Glory.” The fantastically entertaining bridge in “The Grip” even goes as far as to feature a very non-gimmicky electric violin (making for a pleasantly unexpected Zox comparison). Burning Fiction’s rock solid skate punk makes for a tough act to follow, but Jet Market clearly meets the challenge. While Burning Fiction centres around technicality, Jet Market lives for speed. These tracks speed along as quick as they come without flying off their rails. The band defines itself with a set of deeper – and certainly sloppier – vocals, and a ton of shouty, gang vocals circa Four Year Strong. “Tonight Tonight” captures the band in their element as they pour their hearts out, speedily dropping lyrics as if racing against the clock. All four tracks hold up well, despite each track feeling decidedly less distinct than those of Burning Fiction. And then there’s the black sheep of the family, PartTime Killer. Whereas Jet Market and Burning Fiction boasted a tough underlying edge, Part Time Killer kicks up their feet and winds the party down with a stress-free vibe. Sounding as if originating from central Europe (Finland to be exact), the three-piece exists somewhere between the barebones pop punk of Bankrupt and the sloppy slurs of Millencolin’s accented voices. Oddly enough, from a lyrical standpoint Part Time Killer stands tallest of the bunch. They’re not particularly profound, but they’re direct, catchy, and at their heart, insightful. Take “Thank You” for instance. Vocalist Alex Aaltola yelps “Thank you for the pain/Thank you for the chains/Thank you for the wasted years I’ll never be the same” as he jokingly embraces the ride while watching the world crumbling around him. Likewise, the juxtaposed grim lyrics and joyous attitude of “Wake Up” make for a lively affair. You won’t find much to complain about on this three way split. While I’m still partial to Burning Fiction, each player pulls their weight just fine, standing apart from the last. I hope those who might have already dismissed Pee Records as a hardcore label will take note of this three way split and at least give it a listen – they might just be surprised.
Rating: 4/5 – Review by: Cole Faulkner

Lights Go Out zine #13 [UK]
A three way split where each band adds 4 tracks to proceeding. Burning Fiction kick things off with their Aussie melodic punk rock. Lighter in speed then a lot of the stuff on Pee Records, more of a skate or EpiFat feel to their sound. No Use For A Name spring to mind. With vocals that ooze passion, all four of Burning Fiction’s tracks are awesome. Definitely a band I’d like to see over here on these shores. Next up are Jet Market from Finland. They fit in perfectly with Burning Fiction. Again it’s melodic punk rock, mixing up Strung Out (but with less riff action) and Satanic Surfers. Another great band who sit nicely with me for sure. Last up but by no means least are Part Time Killer . Hailing from Italy, this is more of the melodic punk rock and again it’s damn impressive. Very Strung Out in style, gotta love it. Their album is awesome too! A great split, three greats bands and this is well worth your time, so check it out! Review by: Mr. T

Dying Scene
A split usually involves two bands showcasing a few songs so that fans of one band can be introduced to another. A three way split is pretty rare, at least to me, but I’m all for throwing in an extra band. The three bands on this split are Jet Market (Italy), Part Time Killer (Finland) and Burning Fiction (Australia.) They all contribute four songs each in exactly 35 minutes. I’m not familiar with the band Burning Fiction but from the first track “Mindhead” they got me intrigued. The skatepunk evidence is all there. The fast beat, the melodic vocals, rhythmic bass and the driving power chords all sound as good as the pop of an ollie. The second track is slower but still good and I finally figured out who these guys sound like. It’s mostly the voice but I hear a resemblance to now expired aggressive metal/skatepunk band Layaway Plan. The next track is at the same pace as the last and again it is good but just not as good as the first. The final track from Burning Fiction is “The Grip” and it starts at the same pace as the last two but 30 seconds in picks up with some finger tapping solo’s and fires into the fast skatepunk sound I’m looking for. All around not bad but I would say they should of stuck to the same strategy as Layaway Plan and played them all fast. The next band is one I am looking forward to hearing. I am a fan of Jet Market so I have high expectations for their four songs. “The Truck” immediately is recognizable as a Jet Market song and 15 seconds in to it I have goose bumps. Up next is “Tonight, Tonight” and it’s blazing fast and has a familiar sound to it. NO FUCKING WAY! It’s not until the palm muted picking and vocals that I figure out that the title is not just a coincidence to the Smashing Pumpkins song. Rad is all I can say. I love the original and now here is four Italians giving me a skate punk version of the hit song. They finish strong with the last two tracks making it three solid Jet Market tracks just as good as anything else they have done and one awesome cover song. The last band is one that gave me slight puzzlement. For a few minutes I thought this was the Austrian punk band Renttokill who have a song called Primetime Killer but no, it’s Part Time Killer who I have never heard of until now. After I straighten it out the chorus of the first song is yelling at me to “Wake up.” Part Time Killer has a more straight up classic punk sound than the other two bands but they have infused it in to their own style of melodic skate punk. The four tracks are all fast and all have singable chant along vocals that make you want to rise up and fight against something like the government, rising beer prices, burnt toast or whatever you’re against. As a whole Jet Market has the strongest tracks on the split but all the bands bring something to the table that is good in their own way. I ‘m glad that there are three different bands on this split, giving me three different styles of fast melodic punk rock to listen to. I might have never heard of Part Time Killer and Burning Fiction if it weren’t for Jet Market.
Rating: 3/5 – Review by: Jamie Reinhart

They say that music is a universal language, and South Australia’s Pee Records have proven that yet again with their latest release, a three way international split. Featuring Australia’s Burning Fiction, Italy’s Jet Market and Finland’s Part Time Killer, these three melodic punk bands haven’t let the fact that they come from different corners of the world get in the way of releasing a cohesive and entertaining album together. With each group contributing four tracks to the record, it is the perfect way to get a taste of what each has to offer without having to fork out the cash for three separate CDs. With any kind of split release, it is inevitable that one artist will stand out from the pack as the strongest. Considering that this is Jet Market’s debut within Australia and that Part Time Killer have only previously released a single 7 inch EP, one would assume that Burning Fiction would have this one in the bag; strangely enough however, the songs offered up by the Perth natives is not quite up to the standard that they had previously established on their full length, Don’t Lose Touch. This is not to say that the band’s tracks are in any way terrible, they are just a bit sub-par compared to what they should have achieved. The only exception to this is the brilliant “1000 Yards”, which features both a violin and a cello sounding off against a killer guitar line in the track’s stunning breakdown. Next up is Jet Market, whose sound is perhaps best described as a mix of fast paced punk rock with just a touch of hardcore for good measure. Instrumentally and vocally the group is quite tight, and their sound is overall quite pleasing. For the uninitiated (like myself) however, the highlight of the band’s contribution to the split would most definitely have to be their exuberant cover of the Smashing Pumpkins standard, “Tonight, Tonight”. For those fans of punk with a secret and shameful love for 90’s alternative rock, the hyper paced treatment of the famous single (complete with all of Billy Corgan’s guitar melodies intact) is sure to please. Despite their relative short career so far (at least in comparison to Burning Fiction and Jet Market), it is Part Time Killer who truly dominate the release. Favouring short and sharp compositions over complex song structures, the group’s hardcore influenced brand of skatepunk has reached a new high on this split. Since the release of the band’s debut EP Fuck The World, Part Time Killer have managed to tighten up their vocal melodies and guitar riffs to an even more unyielding point than what was previously evident, resulting in a batch of extremely brisk yet exciting punk rock tunes. In many ways the group resembles Australia’s own Local Resident Failure, and with both band’s set to release full length’s in 2011, the significance of the comparison should not be lost on fans of either. Over the past year Pee Records have really brought the goods, and they have continued their hot streak with this latest split album. Featuring twelve quality tracks from three independent artists from different countries and backgrounds, this is a record that is sure to please any fan of melodic punk. Review by: Matthew Woodward

17 December 2010

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CAT #: PCD038
Compiled by: Pete Pee
Illustration by: Tyler Guid
Layout & Design by: Pete Pee

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